Post 15-12-2021 New Orc Warriors armed Spears and Shields

Hi everyone, I’m back with an update and this time it’s the Orcs armed Spears’ turn to be released. As you can see above, I have created these new models in 4 different colours (Green, Orange, Brown and Blue), in different scales 15mm 35mm and in many different variants. You can download them for free […]

Armoured Orcs with Hand Weapons and Shields 10-11-2021

Hi all, I’m back with the next set of models for the Orc’s rostra of infantry, which are the Lightly Armoured Grunts, carrying Hand Weapons and Shields. You can download these new models at and click on ‘Armoured Orc Grunts with Hand Weapons and Shields’. Here are some pictures from our last game test, […]

Orcs with Hand Weapons and Shields 04-08-2021

Hi again, Just a quick post letting you know that the New Orc Grunts with Hand Weapon and Shields are out and ready to download at the link below: Link: (Click on ‘Orc Grunts with Hand Weapons and Shields’) On a personal note, my productivity has slowed with my Dad being ill with Parkinson’s […]

Two-Handed Orcs with Light Armour Update 04-08-2021

Hi again, Just a quick post. I have added the ‘Light Armour’ variant to the Two-handed Orcs models. Enjoy. You can download them from here,: click on ‘Orc Grunts with two Hand Weapons with Metal’. Right then, I will get cracking on the Orcs with Shields and Hand Weapons now. Cheers Dave

‘I’m Back’ – PnPF Update 10-04-2021

Hi everyone, I know my posts are few and far between, but this time, there was a much bigger gap. So I would like to thank my patrons for hanging in there during my radio silence. The reason for my disappearance was due to my father’s illness coming to a head. Dad suffers from Parkinson’s […]