‘I’m Back’ – PnPF Update 10-04-2021

Hi everyone, I know my posts are few and far between, but this time, there was a much bigger gap. So I would like to thank my patrons for hanging in there during my radio silence. The reason for my disappearance was due to my father’s illness coming to a head. Dad suffers from Parkinson’s […]

My Progress on the Men of Crack and Corn

Hey Guys, Firstly, I hope everyone is well and safe with the pandemic, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Anyway, this is going to be a little quick update with the new Men of Crack and Corn models. As you can see, I have finished the first model’s front half and started working […]

22-07-2019 Epic Poll for the Model I should Create Next?

Hi everyone, As you may know, the winners of the last Poll were the Jigors of Herlanceia and as you can see underneath, I have been slowly getting them done: I have done 7 base sketches to work from, were I will be choosing 5 to turn into actual models. As you can see above, […]

The Zombies are Finished!

Hi Everyone, The Zombies have been finished and are ready to download, but are only available for the Patrons of EpicWarGaming.com at the moment. You can however buy them at Wargame Vault for just $1. When the Vampires of Evernight have been finished they might become free models for everyone to download, as they are […]