The Black Land Orcs’ Codex


Just like other fantasy universes, the Middle Plain is ravaged by the menace of the Orc. However, this fantasy Orcs has its own twist to others you might have played and read about… Read on to see why…

Black Land Orcs' Codex- Fantasy OrcesWhen The Green Vandals First Appeared!

There are ancient writings that tell of a green race of abominations that raised itself from out of the mire to infest the lands upon this globe.

These green vermin showed no regard or respect for the oldest races, such as the Elves and the Dwarves, then known as the Old Powers in those times.

Before the Orcs came, The Old Powers were supreme upon this world and were worshipped by the younger races, as they thought them to be no less than Gods.

However, these Green Upstarts soon put an end to the Old Powers Golden Age!

The Old Powers set out to destroy them, but in doing so started a chain of events that would end their dominion over of this world.

In old Dwarfish ‘Orc’ means ‘Vandal’. Far from being seen as an insult, the green skins embraced this new title with pride, as it embodied their very essence.

Blank Land Fantasy Orcs at War!The Orc and their Culture of these Fantasy Orces (If you can call it that…) 

The average Orc has a long thick trunk, short legs and stands nearly as tall as a human. They have a green muscular body, held upright by thick strong bones, which altogether makes for a remarkably robust body. In fact, Orcs have been known to take up to five arrows before falling in battle.

On the other hand, the common Orc has a simple wit. They struggle with the finer points of language and most of the other basic mental tasks that the other races of ‘Many’ take for granted.

Blank Land Trolls

Luckily for these dim-witted creatures they have very intelligent and devious Mothers, known as ‘Iron Maidens’, who lead their broods into battle.

These cunning females more than make up for their male subordinates’ lack of intelligence, and have even been known to outwit the odd Elf General in battle.
Snortmaidens are nowhere near as numerous as male Orcs. However a single female can easily birth tens of thousands of Orc Grunts in her lifetime, who are all loyal to only their Ma.

Fantasy Black Land Orcs Marching to War! A small number of Grunts will keep on growing turn into a Bull, that are so large that they are similar looking to Ogres in stature, size and strength. They become their mother’s personal body guards and champions, and only best will win the right to Sire the next generation of Orcs.

Orcs are a cruel and a very ruthless race; a life of pain and misery is the only fate a captured Orc Prisoner can expect. They will either become a slave, or are kept as livestock for consumption.

These fantasy Orcs are a nomadic race by nature and so are always on the move. The Orcs move from place to place in a never-ending search for food, water, gold and other resources. They travel in massive caravans, which can easily stretch out in a long line for miles on end.

The Blank Land Orcs’ Playstyle

These Fantasy Orcs offer a commander a savagely and very hard hitting hammer to smash their enemies with! These Green Skinned warriors can fight toe to toe with even the Elves’ elite soldiers. However, an Orc is slow and unruly, which can lead them to botch-up orders and letting their blood lust get the better of them and charging headlong into melees they perhaps should have avoided…

At first glance, this brutish horde can look unsophisticated, but any good command will soon find they have a counter to every situation they face upon the battlefield. And no army like the Black Land Orcs can pin and hold down an enemy like they can and savagely destroy them!

If you face this green horde in battle; underestimate them at your peril!

Army List
Black Lands Army List V.3.5.

Iron Maidens
Black Land Orcs Character Sheet – Big Dadda, Young Bull, Hags & Runts
Big Dadda Young Bull riding a Chariot (Patrons Only)
Blue Orc Nutters (Patrons Only)
Grunt Drummers and Banners
Orc Grunts with Hand Weapons and Shields
Armoured Orc Grunts with Hand Weapons and Shields
Orc Grunts with Spears and Shields
Armoured Orc Grunts with Spears and Shields
Orc Grunts with Great Blades
Armoured Orc Grunts with Great Blades
Orc Grunts with Great Hammers
Armoured Orc Grunts with Great Hammers
Orc Grunts with two Hand Weapons
Armoured Orc Grunts with two Hand Weapons
Orc Grunts armed with Clubs and War Nets
Armoued Orc Grunts armed with Clubs and War Nets
Orc Archers with and without Light Armour
Grunt Slingers
Orc Retches
Blue Orcs with two Hand Weapons (Patrons Only)
Blue Orcs Slingers (Patrons Only)
Orc Saws with Two Hand Weapons (Patrons Only)
Orc Saws with Great Blades (Patrons Only)
Tabers and their Piper
Giant Wolf Spiders and their Orc Masters (Patrons Only)
Black Land Trolls
Carnages their Iron Cage (Patrons Only)
Grunt Chariots
Saw Iron Hides Chariot Riders (Coming Soon)
Black Lands Siege War Machines (Coming Soon)

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