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You found your way to my little Fantasy Ebook section of my site. One of the byproducts of creating Three Plains the Game has been that it has churned out tons of lore based in its universe. As I like writing, I have decided to take this law and use it as my inspiration for writing my own novellas and maybe even the odd novel, which I will post here for you to download and hopefully enjoy.

As it stands at the moment, this webpage and my first book are not quite ready yet but keep checking back as it should be up soon.

The Return of the Iron Crown (28/04/2019)

Death means a mortal’s time has come to an end upon the Mortal Realm. If they are worthy, their soul will be claimed by the God they worshipped in life and be spirited away to their afterlife, and there they will stay forevermore in eternal light. If not… they will drown in the Black Ocean and be devoured by Death and his minions… However, there is a third outcome few know of…

Life can be like a Smith’s Forge; its cruelties and hardships can harden a soul into an unbreakable spirit, which refuses to die! Their strength lays in their conviction of will to return to put right some great wrong or failure they suffered whilst they were alive.

These are the Souls strong enough to pull themselves out of the Black Ocean’s waters and fight their way back to the Mortal Realm.

Some of these Souls will be driven by vengeance, to take it upon those who gravely wronged them in life. Others may just want to see a loved one one last time… Whatever it is, they cannot rest until their business with the Mortal Realm is done.

Join King Cantyian, the bearer of the Iron Crown of Mares on his quest to take vengeance upon those who gravely wronged him in life. Witness his premature and cruel death, watch him struggle and fight his way through Death’s realm and be there as he once again faces down his greatest foe that he failed to defeat in life.

The Return of the Iron Crown is an old world fantasy illustrated novella. The book was written and illustrated by myself David Louis Scholes and proofread by David Frederic Charles Scholes.

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UK: Amazon Kindle £2.30 at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07RMXBKJ1

US: Amazon Kindle $2.92 at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RMXBKJ1


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