The Imperial Elves – The Golden Masters’ Codex

As expected, Three Plains has a race of Elves to field in battle. However, I think you will find they have their own unique flavour to other fantasy Elves you might find from other games and books… and that flavour is the refined, but hard and cold taste of Gold!

Fantasy Elf Codex for Three PlainsThe Golden Masters’ History

The Elves upon the Middle Plain are the oldest of all the races if you’re not counting the first of the Creator’s Servants, the Titans, who still lay hidden away within the world of ‘Many’. These colossal beings make up some of its mountains and great lakes. You might be standing on one now and not even know it…

The Elves, or the El as they were once known are the children of the great god of order Winsill, the Creator’s first son.  They were designed to act as this world’s shepherds and they were made perfectly for this task; The El of old had golden glowing skin, brilliant white hair, tall and elegant creatures, and were extremely quick in body and mind.

The Elf Warriors and their Slaves Martching to War!Their Age of Perfection was not to last… The Creator grew tired of the El and had another son, one of Chaos and a Starter of New Beginnings – Noteus.

With the birth of Noteus brought corruption to the world of Many, which forever fouled the El’s bloodline; each new generation showed a growing tint of chaos and decay… and from that day forth, the children of the El would be known as the Elves, to reflect their fall from divinity.

Elf Warriors and an Elven Bolt ThrowerThe Elf Imperial Military

Despite their blood’s corruption, the Elves of the Golden Empire, as they demand to be known by all the lesser races, can still field the world’s greatest warriors!

The Golden Legions’ contain some of the best and most disciplined infantry in the world, and without a doubt; their cavalry cannot be matched on the battlefield. Their machines of war are only bested by the Dwarfs’ creations, and they can rally some of the most powerful beasts to the battlefield. Such as Unicorns, Pegasus, Rocs and the Great Dragons.

Though the Elves numbers are few on the battlefield, they can draft in vast legions of slaves to bolster their ranks.

Fantasy Elves and Their Golden Dragon in Action!The High Golden Culture of these Fantasy Elves

It is said that it is bad luck to look upon an unmasked Elf’s face, as many still believe them to be gods, as the world once did long ago. Few know if this is true or not, as the Elves never show their faces to lesser beings, which they believe is just about everyone else, even other Elves. So they will hide them away behind a golden mask, only taking them off in private or in the presence of other Elves who have a purer bloodline than themselves, as a sign of respect.

The Elves never came to terms with Noteus’ foul tint upon the world, and even now seek to put this great wrong right. Even if this means purging the entire world of Noteus’ offspring, which came about after the god’s arrival.

At present, the glorious Emperor Stallius and Empress Elustrea sit in the Golden Tower and they are the supreme rulers of the Elves. Two immortal El who was awakened to lead their golden empire on this the most holiest of crusades.  And they mean to do so with the Sword to slay, and Magical Fire to cleanse the world of the filth that has infected it…

The Golden Master’s Playstyle

These Fantasy Elves offer a player a fast, well trained and elite army to field in battle. Despite their low numbers, the touch of the divine still flows strongly through their veins and they will not fail you in battle, but their lesser human slaves might…

Army List
Imperial Elves – The Golden Masters’ Elf Army list V.3.0.5.

El and Elf Heroes
Sorceresses – El Empress & Elf Princess
Mounted El and Elf Heroes on Unicorns or Horses
El or Elf Hero Mounted on a White Dragon (Patron Only)
El or Elf Hero Mounted on a Gold Dragon (Patron Only)
El or Elf Hero or Mage Mounted on a Roc (Coming Soon)
Mounted or not Elf Mage and Magic Handmaiden (Coming Soon)
Imperial Outer Watch with Shield and Swords (Coming Soon)
Imperial Outer Watch with Shield and Spears
Imperial Outer Watch with Halberd
Human Devotes
Imperial Enforcers (Patron Only)
Imperial Archers
Imperial Shadow Stalkers (Patron Only)
Soulless and Poisoned Covered Soulless
Imperial Strider Riders – Horse Division
War Mountain Goat Imperial Strider Riders
Imperial Helms
Imperial Terror Riders
Sky Masters (Patron Only)
Divine Blood Knights (Patron Only)
Immortals (Patron Only)
Imperial Bolt Thrower & Crew
Imperial Elf Catapult & Crew (Coming Soon)
Imperial Elf Hail Steel Stormer & Crew (Coming Soon)
Imperial Elf Whirlwind Catapult & Crew (Coming Soon)
Imperial Whirlwind Catapult (Coming Soon)
Imperial Disk Thrower & Crew (Patron Only)
Imperial Elf Siege Tower (Coming Soon)
Imperial Elf Battering Ram (Coming Soon)
Imperial Elf Trebuchet & Crew (Coming Soon)

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