‘I’m Back’ – PnPF Update 10-04-2021

Hi everyone,

I know my posts are few and far between, but this time, there was a much bigger gap. So I would like to thank my patrons for hanging in there during my radio silence.

The reason for my disappearance was due to my father’s illness coming to a head. Dad suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and he had a bad fall caused by a Water Infection.

Dad had done remarkably well coping by himself until now. However, after his fall, it soon became clear that he needed around the clock care. So I had to move in with him to look after him until we could move him to a nursing home.

The good news is Dad is better and doing well and now lives in a good home, and I’m back, mostly, as it’s fallen to me to sort everything out for my old man.

Back to the Update – The New Orc Models

Before it all hit the fan, I was about to post my progress on the new Orc models, which you can see underneath.

I have chosen to create the new Orc base model using a modular system, which will save time in the long run, as I can just add on extra weapons, armour and limbs when needed to get a new set of models when needed.

The Three Plains Rulebook

Even though most things went on the back burner whilst looking after Dad, I managed to find some time to continue working on 3P’s Rulebook.

I’m happy to report that all spell checking and grammar is done. There are a few rules which need streamlining and then it’s off to be proofread. After that, it needs number referencing and then it’s pretty much done, apart from art filler.

Well, that’s it for now. Again thanks to my Patrons for sticking by me and see you again soon.


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