Just a Quick Post – PnPF Update 10-05-2021

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update today on my progress. For those who read my last post about my Dad, he is doing well at the moment.

The New Orc Model’s Progress

As you can see underneath, I have just about finished the front parts of the Models for the Orcs.

I have lightened up the model by adding a light yellow tint to the Orcs.

Also, looking back over the model and how their different parts fit together looks like I have a few fixes to make, which I will do tomorrow. For instance, I’m not quite happy with that banner, and I may lighten up the Orcs even more. Otherwise, they are on track and should be finished by the time I post again, where you can download them for free.

The Main Rules

As for my progress on updating the main rules, I’m at the stage of getting them proofread, which is, of course, one of the final stages to go before Three Plains 3.10 is released.

At the moment, we are up to page 80. I’m hoping to complete this process in the next 3 to 4 weeks, but my proofreader, Emma, is doing this for free and has a busy schedule, so she can only manage about 20 or so pages at a time. Emma, you’re a star btw!

The Outcasts

As for the new Outcasts, Three Plains’ version of the Undead faction, game testing is going really well for them, and they are starting to feel more and more like War Hammer Fantasy Undead, which is what we are going for with this faction. So the Outcast is a horde of all manners of reanimated monstrosities, all working together in one force.

In my last game test with Tom, he fielded a Vampire Lord, a Necromancer mounted upon a Black Wagon, Shadow Swarms – Undead Bats, Meek – Crappy Skeletons, Scared Bones – undead Skeleton Warriors and Mounted Writhes.

Even though I lost the game (just outplayed by Tom), I was quite pleased with the feel and performance of the Three Plains’ version of the Undead. They are starting to shape up quite nicely. I’m really going to have start carrying more magic weapons that can deal with spirit!

The Outcast codex is still incredibly rough at the moment, but if you want to take a look at it, you can at  https://printandplayfantasy.com/Forums/topic/the-outcasts-necromancers/. Version 0.003 is coming soon btw.

Well, that’s it for now, and as ever, thanks for popping by


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