The 22-10-2018 Epic Poll on which Models I should make up next?

Hi everyone, thanks for popping by Now that I have finished the Herlanceian Catapult it’s time to start a new Poll to see which model I am going to start working on next, and this is how it’s will work… You can vote twice and change your vote if you want. However, if you are […]

Which Undead Faction should we Work on Next?

Hi everyone, Ok after our discussion on the proposals for the Undead Factions we should work on here it’s time to put it to a vote on this poll. The undead Factions we are going to vote on are: Necromancers When people think of the Undead, the Necromancer’s Codex will be basically what they are […]

A Little Update on the Herlanceian Catapult 13-10-2018

Hi everyone, Here’s just a little update on how the Herlanceian Catapult is coming on. I’m going to cut down on some of the folds, which should streamline the model and make it wider. I’m going to add the catapult’s arm on tomorrow and I’m thinking of giving the model an option of having an […]

Here’s a Little Update 07-10-2018

Hi everyone, Here’s a little update on how things are going with Epic’s Site and re-releasing the Elves again. Elf Model Sheets Firstly, I have been slowly working my way through updating the Elf Model Sheets. It can take hours to update each one… So it’s a long process… However, I’m about half way through […]