Post 12/10/2022 Orc Archers

Hello once more,

For those who were waiting for the Orc Archers, sorry it has taken so long. I will have to figure out a way of turning over models more quickly. The modular thing seemed like a good idea at the time, but it has not made things quicker.

Anyway, I’ve just finished the Orc Archers! The new models come in 15 and 35mm and four different colours. As for their special rules, due to their size and strength and after watching a video by Shadiversity on YouTube, each Orc Archer and Slinger will work a little bit like a mini boult thrower on the gaming board. We have already game-tested this mechanic, and it works well in the game.

You can download them from under ‘Orc Archers with and without Light Armour’. Enjoy.

Next, it’s back to working on the Orc War Chariot, which I’m hoping should not take as long this time. I’ve already created their Zags (the chariot’s steeds), and I have the old base chariot model to work from. I plan to blow up the old model by one-third or double and update its graphics.

Well, that’s it from me for now. Thanks for popping by




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