Post 21/11/2022 – My Progress the Orc Chariot

Hi there, I’m back with just a little update about the next model I’m working on – updating the old Orc Chariot, which you can see above. In keeping with the Orc update, Zags are replacing Horses as the model’s steeds, and as the average Orc Warrior has nearly doubled in size, the entire model […]

Post 19/05/2022 Orc War Netters

Hi all once again, I have finished the Orc War Netters, both with Light Armour and without. The new models come in two different scales, 15mm and 35mm, and in four different colours, Green, Blue, Orange and Brown.   You can download the new models from and click on ‘Orc Grunts armed with Clubs […]

Post 02/03/2022 New Orc Warriors armed with Great Blades

Hi all, It’s me again and I return with more new Orc models. It’s been over a month since my last post, but I have created both the Orc Great Blades and Hammers. That’s said, I will only be releasing the Orc Great Blades today, as I have yet to set the Hammers to print, […]

The Release of the Armoured Orcs with Spears and Shields

Happy New Year Everyone! I’m back with a short post, just letting you know about the release of the Armoured Orcs with Spears and Shields, which you can see underneath: You can download the models at and click on ‘Armoured Orc Grunts with Spears and Shields’. If it was not for Christmas, I would […]