Post 24/03/2022 New Orc Warriors armed with Great Hammers

Hi all,

Well, I wanted to get these models out last week, but my car failed its MOT. In the UK, that basically means, no car. May my car rest in pieces, in the knackers’ yard. Being without a car has caused me no end of issues. The good news is that I’m back on the road again, which has freed up more time to work on these new models underneath for you.

The Orc Hammers that come with and without armour are in 4 different colours. To download them, visit and click on ‘Orc Grunts with Great Hammers’ or ‘Armoured Orc Grunts with Great Hammers’.

Next, I will start working on the Orc Netters, which will be a good unit for fighting Elfs (that spelling btw is to do with the lore of the game), as agility is a big part of their save.

Also, a big thank you to my Patrons, past and present, I know things getting tight at the moment with the cost of living, so I really appreciate your support. Again thank you.

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