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    Ninja in an idea based off the tooth idea, this could reflect off preferred modes of warfare for each house.

    Incisors- With their teeth so prominently displayed and forcing them to purse their lips in order to fit them in, vampires of these houses are often seen as a joke amongst other houses, leading them to pursue illusiory and magical cants in order to fool their goes into exposing themselves or destroy their opponent from afar.

    Canines- the proudest and most ruthless of vampire houses, these vampires live to sow terror in the enemy ranks and utterly destroy their enemies in combat.

    Pre-molars- vampires of these houses mastered the latent art of molding their physical bodies into the shapes they desired, anything from giant bloodthirsty terrors of the skies to inconspicuous vermin, slowly reaving entire towns without even rousing the slightest bit of suspicion.

    Molars- The most reviled vampire houses are descended from those cursed with the vampire kings molars, often struggling to feed properly, many often succumb to madness from hunger and are terrifying on the battlefield, committing acts of utter debauchery and wanton carnage all in an attempt to garner enough sustenance to slaughter their next meal.


    Not a had bit of fluff actually


    Welcome back to the forum Tristan 🙂

    Nice work, I have added that post to my notes about the Vampire houses, and I will probable use that bit of fluff as a base to start writing each house of vampire from when the time comes.

    I was thinking the same thing, each house or family will inherit certain traits and powers from the Blood King, depending on which teeth they have.

    I particular like the Incisors family, which I was thinking of making that set of teeth the magical bunch. But I like the idea of an insane family of vampires with some crazy rules to represent them. Kind of like a pack of jokers if you will.


    I saw it less of a case of they were actual jokers, more along the lines of they have a very rodent-like appearance because of their front teeth, so they use illusions to conceal it.

    Canines was easy as it fits into established vampire lore and gives a traditional feeling house.

    Pre-molars was harder but i just imagines a very animalistic appearance.

    Molars was somewhat easy as they would be very inefficient and I can envision them being akin to savages and possibly even engaging in self mutilation in order to allow them to use their rear teeth and being keen torturers. Murderers on the battlefield, Enemies who die there are the lucky ones…


    Well don’t forget we can use the bottom set of teeth and use them in different combinations too.

    Their will be no more than six families of Vampires. There could be more added on later on, but I think that will be enough for now. Some families may only have one tooth, whilst more powerful ones could have upto three. They would fight and kill each other over them.

    With your idea, with your house being more wild, they could also be the lords of the Vermin and have command over all lower wild creatures, such as rats, cockroaches, bats and have a poisonous bite too?

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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