Current Progress on the Men of Crack and Corn Update

Hi, again guys,

As you know I have started on updating the Men of Crack and Corn model, as the old models are a little bit on the plain and basic side of things, as you can see underneath.

The reason for this is simple, lack of time and me learning the ropes of Photoshop, but now I look back at them and they look really wooden and basic. The Men of Crack and Corn should look like Conan; be dynamic, full of energy, blood and grit!

Anyway, underneath are some of the sketches for the new models:

I would like to work on at least four of these models going forwards. However, I would add mods, patches and accessories to them and by doing this, will allow me to turn one model into many different variants.

I’m away this weekend. So I will start working on them next week.

Anyway, that’s it from me for now, as always thanks for stopping by and having a look-see


P.S. If you want to know about the Men of Crack and Corn, you can here:

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