15-02-2020 PnPF Poll for the Model I should Create Next?

Hello again,

Its been a while since I posted my last poll, but here I am again with the next one.

It was only about one or two weeks ago since I finished the Imperial Roc model shown above for the Elves and now I am ready to start working on this next one. However… and this is totally my fault, but I don’t have a model to work on while running this poll. So I am going to start working on the Men of Crack and Corn upgrade since they were the joint winners of the last poll I held.

Poll Rules

Here are the voting rules:

  • You can vote twice and change your vote if you want. However, if you are one of my Patrons, then you will get +5 votes, which I will have to add on manually. If you wish to take advantage of this arrangement, please contact me through Patron.
  • You must be a member of this site to vote. You can join us here at PnPF by clicking on Register under the User Menu and following the instructions from there. I have had Polls fiddled with in the past by people refreshing the page multiple times so that they can keep on re-voting for the model they like, that’s why I would like you to register to stop that from happening. You can register here: https://printandplayfantasy.com/register/
  • The Poll will end on the 20th of March 2020.

Here are some more details on the models you will be voting on:

Herlanceian Pikemen

The Herlanceian Guard makes up the backbone of any Herlanceian legion. They are light, versatile and very capable infantry, and are charged with protecting Herlanceia’s realms and her interests across Many.

Herlanceia is one of the few nations who invests in a professional standing army, which comes at a great expense to her economy. Therefore, the Herlanceian Guard is never left idle. They can be found fighting all across the world of Many, safeguarding Herlanceia’s interests and expanding her influence. At other times they can be found keeping the peace and guarding her shores from any invaders who dare to set foot on Herlanceian soil.

The Herlanceian Guards are good, reliable and professional troops that the Arcmerit can always count on in times of need.

Updating the Orc Chariots pulled Horses to Zags instead

There is the rumble and clatter of heavy iron wheels, which is accompanied by the sounds of whips’ cracks and lashes, and whatever it is, it’s heading towards you at speed!

A cloud of black dust lifts off the horizon, as the Orc Iron chariots pulled by their ferocious Zags charge straight towards you and your men with the intention of running you all down like dogs!

It’s time to go, or face down one of the most devastating band of chariot riders on the Middle Plain.

Orcs have short squat bodies, and so find it difficult to ride steeds of any kind.

To make up for their body plan’s natural disadvantage for mounting and riding their Zags, they use heavy chariots of iron instead.

The Orc War Chariot is a deadly war machine dragged by their battle harden Zags. They are well equipped with a skilful driver armed with a spiked club, an archer and a spearmun who will defend the armoured cab from invaders and do much of the killing if the chariot becomes bogged down in combat.

The Orcs drive their chariots hard into units of infantry to smash them up into bits and run them down if they flee. After their bloody work has been done, they will ride off as quickly as they came, to devastate another unit elsewhere on the battlefield.

Blue Orc Nutters

Maybe in every hundred grunts birthed, a handful of Blue Orcs are born within that batch. So, Blue Bulls are incredibly rare, but these monstrous anomalies do happen from time to time.

When Blue Orc Bulls reach adulthood they are nearly identical to their Green Brothers, but just like the rest of their kind are totally immune to magic and insane.

These blue monsters are huge, standing at nine to eleven foot high. They are so strong that they have been known to pick up sizable men, one man in each hand and use them as clubs to beat their enemy’s with.

Blue Orc Bulls are so scatty and mad, that their green brothers call them ‘Nutters’ when they fight alongside them in battle, which is one of the rare times they see that side of the family.

Blue Bulls may not share the homed fighting skills of their green brothers, but what they lack in skill, they more than make up for in crazy frenzied violence in battle! Sometimes, they even freak out their green brothers a little bit too with how they madly smash up the enemy. But no matter how bizarre their brutal barmy fighting style is, they are just as deadly as their green brothers are in combat, if not more so!

These rambunctious monsters rule under their Blue Queens, the Hags, on the boarders of their caravan.

Blue Bulls are quite capable of knocking all of their little brothers into line if they need too, but for some reason Blue Orcs tend to be less violent to each other than Green Orcs are.

Perhaps there are less of them and that is why they look out for each other…

Whatever the reason, amongst all the loud chaos in the Blue Orcs’ camp, they all appear to get on and seem happy with their lot in life, despite all being outcasts.

The Scarred Bones – Skeleton Warriors

This undead infantry would have Light Amour and be armed with a number of different weapons, such as Swords and Shield and Spears etc.

Skeleton Cavalry

I would like to look at creating Skeleton Cavalry or at least make a start on them.

I would most likely work on a light cavalry unit and then use that as my base to build up more elite units from in the future. It would just be a case of adding different weapons and armour to convert it into a different unit. For instance, adding more armour and a lance would turn the unit into an elite undead heavy cavalry unit.

Imperial High Mage and Imperial Magic Handmaiden

The Imperial High Mage and Imperial Magic Handmaiden will be two models in one, but I will as include all their mounts upon their model sheet, baring in my I have just finished their Elf Mage mounted on a Roc model.

Imperial High Mage

Imperial High Mage / Imperial Magic Handmaiden 3rd generation female Elves will either become Hand Maidens’ to their Princess Priestess Mothers or study under them to become a High Mage. However, all are expected to become mothers to the next generation of Elves. High Elf Mages are thought of as the working wizards in the Empire. These powerful Mages are constantly at work, only resting to do their bit like a female for the Empire. If they are not at court they will be casting magic for industrial or agricultural assignments. At other times they can be found high up within their towers, studding spells, mixing powerful potions or writing magical scrolls for their Sorceress Mothers. High Elf Mages also lend their arcane abilities to the Golden Empire’s military, where they can be found on the battlefield casting fairly complex and powerful spells at the enemy and defending against their magic. Even though a High Elf Mage is overshadowed by their Sorceress Mothers magical abilities, they still have considerable skills in the arcane arts, which most wizards outside the Empire would be envious of. Unlike their mother’s, High Elf Mages do not generate enough raw magical energy to create a shroud of magical protection around them. Instead, their will focus all of their considerable power into casting powerful spells at the enemy, and ride a steed or beast into battle and heavily rely upon them for their defence. Despite their mediocre status within imperial society, High Mages are not to be underestimated in battle. They are equal to all the other great mortal wizards outside the Empire and have even been known to lead small attachments of soldiers to victory in skirmishes.

Imperial Magic Handmaiden

Under the Imperial High Mages, serve their Magic Hand Maidens, who are usually their own daughters. They are competent magic casters but lack the power of their mothers. That said, some have impressed their betters so much that they have served under Princesses or even the Empress herself. Imperial Magic Hand Maidens are the last in the line of magic casters the Empire will allow serving as wizards. The tint of corruption in their blood becomes too great within later generations of Elves for them to become effective spellcasters of any use to the Golden Empire. On the battlefield, Magic Handmaidens usually accompany small attachments of warriors, bravely serving as the group’s main wizard. In bigger battles they will directly aid and support mages by casting low levels spells to keep their enemies off balance or help their masters to combat their spells.  

Huntsmen of Evernight

The Huntsmen will be a cheap and for Humans on foot, a fairly fast skirmishing Bow Unit for House Gorren.

Their main role on the battlefield will be to provide mobile light archery cover for their army’s main force and pick off weak and vulnerable enemy units.

They will be lightly armed with Poisoned Bows and Hunting Knives. They will have the option to wear Light Armour and to carry Warnets, which will help them hunt down creatures with high agility.

As the Huntsmen are used to tracking down and killing whatever lurks in House Gorren’s forests, their relatively low Soldiering of 3 will be somewhat improved by their +2 Bravery.

15-02-2020 PnPF Poll for the Model I should Create Next?
  • Blue Orc Nutters 43%, 3 votes
    3 votes 43%
    3 votes - 43% of all votes
  • Huntsmen of Evernight 29%, 2 votes
    2 votes 29%
    2 votes - 29% of all votes
  • Skeleton Cavalry 14%, 1 vote
    1 vote 14%
    1 vote - 14% of all votes
  • Imperial High Mage and Imperial Magic Handmaiden 14%, 1 vote
    1 vote 14%
    1 vote - 14% of all votes
  • Updating the Orc Chariots pulled Horses to Zags instead 0%, 0 votes
    0 votes
    0 votes - 0% of all votes
  • The Scarred Bones – Skeleton Warriors 0%, 0 votes
    0 votes
    0 votes - 0% of all votes
Total Votes: 7
Voters: 5
February 19, 2020 - March 20, 2020
Voting is closed


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