Ninja in an idea based off the tooth idea, this could reflect off preferred modes of warfare for each house.

Incisors- With their teeth so prominently displayed and forcing them to purse their lips in order to fit them in, vampires of these houses are often seen as a joke amongst other houses, leading them to pursue illusiory and magical cants in order to fool their goes into exposing themselves or destroy their opponent from afar.

Canines- the proudest and most ruthless of vampire houses, these vampires live to sow terror in the enemy ranks and utterly destroy their enemies in combat.

Pre-molars- vampires of these houses mastered the latent art of molding their physical bodies into the shapes they desired, anything from giant bloodthirsty terrors of the skies to inconspicuous vermin, slowly reaving entire towns without even rousing the slightest bit of suspicion.

Molars- The most reviled vampire houses are descended from those cursed with the vampire kings molars, often struggling to feed properly, many often succumb to madness from hunger and are terrifying on the battlefield, committing acts of utter debauchery and wanton carnage all in an attempt to garner enough sustenance to slaughter their next meal.