“Thanks, i thought it was a cool idea mechanic of the necromancer having a special ability of turning undead himself.” (darkgunman-3)

I didn’t really think about that… yes they would fall under different rules for dead. Something to keep in mind for later.

In regards with the Vampires, the slip flip of the coin would be that their Blood Lust could get the better of them. So under certain situations, a vampire would have to a devency check to resist the urge to feed. The older vampires would be able to relist with them having her soldering, but the young ones, it would be a real problem.

Welcome to the Forum Keep Calm and Do Sums. What you’re talking about would fall nicely under the Restless kind of undead, which is a ‘Will’ driven army, just with an ancient Egypt skin. Btw nice bit of writing there!

If we went with the Restless (Tomb Kings) they would be a very different army to the Necromancers and Counts, as they would mirror pretty much what you would expect to see in a standard army, being very skeleton warrior based and relying less on mobs of and hordes of monsters.

I have a question for everybody. Would you like to see a specific undead army list that focuses on just one faction. Or a ‘Book of the Dead’, that would cover all the different types of undead, but could not focus on one pacific faction???