The 24-04-2019 Epic Poll on which Models I should make up next?

Hi everyone,

This week I will be starting work on our last Poll’s winners, the Direwolves. In the meantime, I would like to kick off the voting process for which model I will be making up next after I finish off the Direwolves. This is how it will work…

  • You can vote twice and change your vote if you want. However, if you are one of my Patrons, then you will get +5 votes, which I will have to add on manually. If you wish to take advantage of this arrangement, please contact me through Patron.
  • You must be a member of this site to vote. You can join us here at Epic by clicking on Register under the User Menu and following the instructions from there. I have had Polls fiddled with in the past by people refreshing the page multiple times so that they can keep on re-voting for the model they like, that’s why I would like you to register to stop that from happening.
  • The Poll will end on the 31st of May 2019.

And that’s it I believe… Anyway, here are some more details on the models you will be voting on:

The White Jigors of Herlanceia Rework

For long time now, I’ve looked at the Jigor Models and felt they could do with updating… Here are some sketches of what they could look like if reworked:

Here is there burb: Once the Jigors used to roam the lands of Herlanceia freely and terrorised the villages and old towns of the men of the great island as they pleased.

The Jigors’ cunning, brute strength and skills in combat allowed them to dominate the primitive Men of Herlanceia for a long time. These intelligent beasts used to fashion huge clubs and axes out of large bones, sharpen stones and small trees. Some even used to make their own armour out of scraps of metal or huge shells they found washed up at the seaside. It is even said about the Jigors that they even had Kings and Queens long ago, but that is only believed to be a myth now.

As Mankind grew in numbers and advanced their own technology, they left the Jigors behind and soon the once mighty masters of Herlanceia came to fear the fire makers instead. Now, Jigor-kind are little more than warrior slaves to the people of Herlanceia.

Today, Jigors are trained to fight alongside the rest of the regular Herlanceian army in battle, where they naturally excel. They wield very large two-handed battle-axes and can cleave an enemy barded horse in two with just one swing of their huge axe. Some Jigors are even given light armour, which makes these resilient beasts even harder to kill in battle.

These mighty monsters are ferocious fighters on the battlefield, who can quickly charge and crash in to an enemy ranks and tear them to bits as if they were pieces of parchment. So terrifying in battle are Jigors that enemy warriors have been known to break from their ranks and flee as soon as they are approached by a pact of these beasts. Those who dare to face them in battle, know they will be lucky if they can survive an encounter with these monsters.

Even in captivity, Jigors are still a proud race of beasts and will not have some fire maker ride them or herd them into battle like any other common animal. Instead, Jigors are intelligent enough to follow simple commands and their instincts for war allow them to fight they way through a battle, all totally unaided by pack masters. However, man may have enslaved the Jigors, but they never broke their spirits, and from time to time, they have turned against their masters to prove this point. This rebellious streak has even led them to attack their own side in battle! However, this is extremely rare and most generals are prepared to take the risk, as the benefits of using them in battle are extraordinary!

Given what we know about the Jigors’ history and how they are today, many feel a little sorry for this proud creature’s fate, as looking into their eyes you can see a thinking and feeling being. Nevertheless, they are treated well and if they were released back into the wild, they would begin hunting again, and Humans would be preyed upon once more…

Herlanceian Pikemen

The Herlanceian Guard makes up the backbone of any Herlanceian legion. They are light, versatile and very capable infantry, and are charged with protecting Herlanceia’s realms and her interests across Many.

Herlanceia is one of the few nations who invests in a professional standing army, which comes at a great expense to her economy. Therefore, the Herlanceian Guard is never left idle. They can be found fighting all across the world of Many, safeguarding Herlanceia’s interests and expanding her influence. At other times they can be found keeping the peace and guarding her shores from any invaders who dare to set foot on Herlanceian soil.

The Herlanceian Guards are good, reliable and professional troops that the Arcmerit can always count on in times of need.

Upting the Orc Chariots pulled Horses to Zags instead

There is the rumble and clatter of heavy iron wheels, which is accompanied by the sounds of whips’ cracks and lashes, and whatever it is, it’s heading towards you at speed!

A cloud of black dust lifts off the horizon, as the Orc Iron chariots pulled by their ferocious Zags charge straight towards you and your men with the intention of running you all down like dogs!

It’s time to go, or face down one of the most devastating band of chariot riders on the Middle Plain.

Orcs have short squat bodies, and so find it difficult to ride steeds of any kind.

To make up for their body plan’s natural disadvantage for mounting and riding their Zags, they use heavy chariots of iron instead.

The Orc War Chariot is a deadly war machine dragged by their battle harden Zags. They are well equipped with a skilful driver armed with a spiked club, an archer and a spearmun who will defend the armoured cab from invaders and do much of the killing if the chariot becomes bogged down in combat.

The Orcs drive their chariots hard into units of infantry to smash them up into bits and run them down if they flee. After their bloody work has been done, they will ride off as quickly as they came, to devastate another unit elsewhere on the battlefield.

The Scarred Bones – Skeleton Warriors

These undead infantry would have Light Amour and be armed with a number of different weapons, such as Swords and Shield and Spears etc.

Huntsmen of Evernight

The Huntsmen will be a cheap and for Humans on foot, a fairly fast skirmishing Bow Unit for House Gorren.

Their main role on the battlefield will be to provide mobile light archery cover for their army’s main force and pick off weak and vulnerable enemy units.

They will be lightly armed with Poisoned Bows and Hunting Knives. They will have the option to wear Light Armour and to carry Warnets, which will help them hunt down creatures with high agility.

As the Huntsmen are used to tracking down and killing whatever lurks in House Gorren’s forests, their relatively low Soldiering of 3 will be somewhat improved by their +2 Bravery.

Roc (Elves)

Rocks are by far the largest Eagles to fly in the skies of Many. They are so large that they can easily over shadow a simple dwelling as they fly overhead.

Sometimes called the Slave Eaters, these giant birds are always searching out their next victim to devour, which can on occasion include an isolated Human Slave working the lands.

When wild Rocks home in on their prey, they will swoop down at great speeds towards their target. When they hit their mark, their sharp talons will tear into their victim’s flesh and pin them down. Then there is no escape from being ripped to shreds and devoured alive by their razor-sharp hooked beaks!

A Rock is also a very powerful flyer; they have been sighted to catcher and carry off fully sized Bulls to feed to their greedy ferocious checks back in their nests.

For a long time, the Golden Empire has used these massive birds to ride into battle or to carry semi-important passengers across their vast lands at speed.

In battle, Rocks are merciless killers! Their talents will quickly disembowel the enemy, and any who resist will be torn to shreds by their powerful hooked beaks.

The 24-04-2019 Epic Poll on which Models I should make up next?
  • The White Jigors of Herlanceia Rework 43%, 3 votes
    3 votes 43%
    3 votes - 43% of all votes
  • Roc (Elves) 29%, 2 votes
    2 votes 29%
    2 votes - 29% of all votes
  • The Scarred Bones – Skeleton Warriors 14%, 1 vote
    1 vote 14%
    1 vote - 14% of all votes
  • Huntsmen of Evernight 14%, 1 vote
    1 vote 14%
    1 vote - 14% of all votes
  • Herlanceian Pikemen 0%, 0 votes
    0 votes
    0 votes - 0% of all votes
  • Upting the Orc Chariots pulled Horses to Zags instead 0%, 0 votes
    0 votes
    0 votes - 0% of all votes
Total Votes: 7
Voters: 4
April 24, 2019 - May 31, 2019
Voting is closed

Thanks for popping by and voting 🙂

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