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    Yeah that’s fine. It was an idea for something unique that you can only really do with the undead (and maybe an elementor army) but I didn’t know how to write it.
    I look forward to seeing your spells as well


    Cheers and see if I have time to get those spells up today.

    Btw, I have nearly finished the first Draft Evernight’s Codex and I am hoping to get that up either today or tomorrow.


    That should make for a very interesting read


    Idea for a necromancy spell:

    Cull the Herd
    5 mana resistance
    18 Inches
    When a necromancer spots a unit turning tail, he knows that the time is ripe to reap those whose Wills are broken. Corrupting the winds of magic around the hapless victims, he multiplies their fear tenfold, that men literally die of terror in their armour or fall upon their swords fearing the entities that swirl above them brought about the necromancers foul spell.

    This spell may only be cast upon an enemy unit that is broken. It must be within range and line of sight of the caster. Once cast, the unit must immediately make a soldiering check. If it passes, it takes damage equal to the number of successes you rolled. If the unit fails, you roll a d6 for each success rolled and cause that much damage to the unit.


    Nice bit of Fluff writing there Trish 🙂

    I would make this a Boardwide spell simply because spells and items that target fleeing pieces are very hard to use, as you have to be in the right place at the right time for them to be effective.

    Also how about this, if an enemy piece fails a check on the board of any kind, they will instantly scatter +1D6?

    In any case, I have added your spell in to the Necromancy Deck.


    Here’s my Spell 🙂

    1st Spell “Reanimate the Dead”

    Ether 1+

    If a Necromancer cannot reanimate the dead, then they are not a Necromancer…

    All Necromancers must take the First Discipline of Necromancy, ‘Reanimate the Dead’ into battle. They cannot swap or trade this spell. If the Necromancer loses this spell for any reason, they cannot cast any other magic until they regain this spell.

    This spell has a starting range of 8 inches and can only be cast within the Necromancer’s awareness ranges. Furthermore, this spell can only be cast upon existing gaming pieces of Undead, such as Skeletons and Vampires.

    The caster can rise up more dead by making the spell more difficult to cast, by adding 1 or more ether dice to its dispelling roll. On a successful cast, each ether die added will allow the Necromancer to generate +1D6 worth of ‘Will Points’. After which, the Necromancer can spend their WPs on rising up undead and restoring their LP damage. Each Undead Model has a cost in WPs in their stats that indicate its cost in reanimating models or restoring lost LP. E.g. the Necromancer rolls 3D6 Will Dice and scores 12 WPs, which would reanimate 6 Skeleton warriors at a cost of 2 will points each.

    The caster may even extend the range of the spell by adding another Ether Die to its dispelling roll to gain +8 inches on to the spell’s range. Unspent excess will points are lost.

    Undead gaming pieces can only have their lost models and LPs ‘restored’. This spell cannot grant more LPs or model than a gaming piece already had at the start of the game.

    The caster may recast this spell at a cost of trading in another one of their spells to do so.

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    Very versatile. I can see a skilled Necromancers raising bank lots of the dead


    Possible idea for a spell
    Ancestral knowledge
    Cost 3
    Everyone on the middle plain is invisibly linked to those who came before. There ancestors who might have died heroic battles or learned great knowledge through research and testing.
    Using this magic someone may commune with these great people and use their experience to further their goals on the battlefield

    This spell can target one character within 8 inchs of the caster.
    Once successfully cast the piece gains +2Cr, +1 A and +2 S until the start of their next turn.

    I’m unsure of what the spell does, I thought of th blurb before the spell as it does make sense and is something related to necromancy


    I really like the concept for the spell Tom 🙂

    As for the spell’s affects I’m thinking it should be a reroll affect?

    I have added itin to the list to reworked later on.


    Ok that’s fine.
    I really like the idea as well but we can work on the effect


    Actually I did have an idea for a rework of the spell
    “Ancestors strength”
    Mana cost 1-5
    Every man or beast on middle plain can trace the lineage back. Even if it was never written we are invisibly linked to those who came before.
    This is what leads to great warrior lineages or how some family houses seem to have a knack for tactics on the battlefield.
    Though a Necromancer can allow a person to access this knowledge for a short time and put it to great use.
    These results greatly vary as a normal peasants wouldn’t have as will never match up yo a warrior with the souls of heroes back in him up.

    This spells may only be cast on one undead model anywhere on the tabletop and it’s mana cost is equal to the will value of the model it is cast on.
    Once successfully cast the effects of the spell depend on the will of who it was cast on, these affects are cumulative so a model with 3 will gains the benefits a model with 1 and 2 would gain
    Will 1 +1 A
    Will 2 +2 Cr
    Will 3 +1 DR
    Will 4 Magics save of 4
    Will 5 -2 to save +1 Dr

    You get the idea though I definitly want to rework the blurb as what I have written isn’t good enough and a bit rushed


    Question? Are you using the special Will Stat? or a piece’s soldiering like we used in gaming testing?


    Well I was aiming to use the will stat


    Ahh… that makes more sense now. Cheers.


    I’m trying to use this spell to represent someone’s strength of will so even though they may appear weak and frail they might have an indomitable will

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