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    Firstly: nice model, can’t wait to use it.

    Secondly: a question about the ammunition. On p59 of the Herlanceian Army List, the “large stone or iron bullet” is listed as causing 1-6×3 damage – I take that to mean it can cause between 3 and 18 points of damage, with a -7 to Toughness. Clearly, if I hit a beast/war machine/character that is not part of a unit, all the damage will go into the beast/war machine/character. But if I hit a normal unit with it, does it mean that one base in that unit gets the full damage (ugh, messy) or is the hate shared out around the unit as normal? If the latter is the case, it seems a bit overpowered compared to Herlanceian Fire.

    Thirdly and finally: how does firing and moving work for the catapult?


    Cheers, I am rather quite pleased with how that model turned out.

    As for your second Question, all hits in the game, be it from shooting, magic or combat, are presumed to only hit once or hit one model at a time, unless its description states otherwise. So the answer to your question is that the Catapult’s Bullet will only hit one model in a unit or group of models. lol, but it will most likely kill them outright! And yes, if it did that to an entire unit, it would be a little OP 🙂

    I had another look at those rules and it would be the easiest thing in the world to just make it a little clearer there. So the next chance I will make that edit. Thanks.

    As for question three, you have found a little update has been sorted and going to be an update in the next version of the game.

    As it stands at the moment, technically a Catapult can move and shoot without penalty. However, they should only be able to move or shoot, not both. Amazingly that one slipped under the radar for years. You see we never used to use them in our games, and all other war machines didn’t have a movement value. So this was not a problem until more recently when we started using catapults against the Elves a lot more.


    Thanks for that – much clearer.

    I’m going to take that “can move or shoot but not both” also applies to turning in place.



    No worries, and yep that’s right, but don’t forget that a catapult has a shooting arc of 90°. So it can shoot at anything within that arc without needing to turn first.

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