Yeah you got it Thomas, that’s pretty much how I see how the Book of the Dead would be set out.

Well it goes without saying that all Vamps would have regeneration. As for magic abilities they would still have access to low level Necromancers for raising up their undead army. As for being able to cast spells themselves that would be more open to debate, as Vamps do generally have magical abilities. Though I think making them magic casters might be a little OP and their special abilities don’t really amount to casting magic, more maliulation their immediate surroundings to benefit them. That said, I was thinking the Vamps would be divided into Families. Each one would focus on a particular skill set, such as Combat, Magic, Psychology, etc. So the Magical Family of Vamps would be able to cast spells, but there would not have access a level 3 mage like the Necromancers have, and might not be able to use their spells either, only the darker magics.

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