I like to necromancer army list with their greatest strength being their magical ability to cast spells and summon a wide range of creatures. I propose giving the necromancer the ability to become an undead creature himself”lich”for example. (darkgunman-3)

Good idea. The Necromancers will be amongst some of the most powerful mages in the World and will have access to all sorts of mysterious and magical beings. It just all depends on their law we hammer out here for them so we know what they can have.

That would be an interesting up grade. Maybe it could be used to make him/her a level 4(?) Wizard, so 1 above a master (Thomas)

Levels 1 to 2 wizards are going to be the standard range for most races in the world of Many. So level 3 to 4 wizards are extremely rare. However, working with Darkgunman-3 suggestion, level 2 necromancers could undergo a process to become a Lich, which would push them up to becoming a level 3 wizard. Then we could look at having a level 4 lich as a special character.