You know I was thinking and vampires would have access to some kick ass skirmishers. They would have flying vampires who would have decent speed on the ground as sell, but also a vampiric cavalry charge would be monstrous with there heightened reflexes.
Could give the elves a run for their money (Thomas)

Yes, the Counts would have some killer units of New Bloods, who would be newly turned vampires, they would form the Counts’ elite units of infantry and cavalry. And they would be the equal the Devince Blood Nights.

We could also look at giving the Counts Bloodline traits, such as frenzy or hatred for instance.

I think as zombies loose more men maybe the army would get “dumber” and it would limit there combat effectiveness tactically speaking. (Thomas)

I was thinking the same thing here too. We could so the same for magic. The more zombies a horde has the more powerful its magic.

At the moment it looks like its going to be a battle between the Counts and Necromancers for which army gets made up next. However, we could mix them together into one army list, what do guys think? I was thinking if you choose a Vampire for your general you would get access to New bloods. Or you could choose a Necromancer and get access to amoninations and better mages.