Actually I did have an idea for a rework of the spell
“Ancestors strength”
Mana cost 1-5
Every man or beast on middle plain can trace the lineage back. Even if it was never written we are invisibly linked to those who came before.
This is what leads to great warrior lineages or how some family houses seem to have a knack for tactics on the battlefield.
Though a Necromancer can allow a person to access this knowledge for a short time and put it to great use.
These results greatly vary as a normal peasants wouldn’t have as will never match up yo a warrior with the souls of heroes back in him up.

This spells may only be cast on one undead model anywhere on the tabletop and it’s mana cost is equal to the will value of the model it is cast on.
Once successfully cast the effects of the spell depend on the will of who it was cast on, these affects are cumulative so a model with 3 will gains the benefits a model with 1 and 2 would gain
Will 1 +1 A
Will 2 +2 Cr
Will 3 +1 DR
Will 4 Magics save of 4
Will 5 -2 to save +1 Dr

You get the idea though I definitly want to rework the blurb as what I have written isn’t good enough and a bit rushed