Here’s my Spell 🙂

1st Spell “Reanimate the Dead”

Ether 1+

If a Necromancer cannot reanimate the dead, then they are not a Necromancer…

All Necromancers must take the First Discipline of Necromancy, ‘Reanimate the Dead’ into battle. They cannot swap or trade this spell. If the Necromancer loses this spell for any reason, they cannot cast any other magic until they regain this spell.

This spell has a starting range of 8 inches and can only be cast within the Necromancer’s awareness ranges. Furthermore, this spell can only be cast upon existing gaming pieces of Undead, such as Skeletons and Vampires.

The caster can rise up more dead by making the spell more difficult to cast, by adding 1 or more ether dice to its dispelling roll. On a successful cast, each ether die added will allow the Necromancer to generate +1D6 worth of ‘Will Points’. After which, the Necromancer can spend their WPs on rising up undead and restoring their LP damage. Each Undead Model has a cost in WPs in their stats that indicate its cost in reanimating models or restoring lost LP. E.g. the Necromancer rolls 3D6 Will Dice and scores 12 WPs, which would reanimate 6 Skeleton warriors at a cost of 2 will points each.

The caster may even extend the range of the spell by adding another Ether Die to its dispelling roll to gain +8 inches on to the spell’s range. Unspent excess will points are lost.

Undead gaming pieces can only have their lost models and LPs ‘restored’. This spell cannot grant more LPs or model than a gaming piece already had at the start of the game.

The caster may recast this spell at a cost of trading in another one of their spells to do so.

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