Gather Round, its Story Time!

Hi everyone,

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, and here is the reason why…

One of the most common criticisms of the Three Plains Rulebook is that it is pretty dry to read… or in other words, it hardly has any law or fluff within it. My argument against that is that there is a stack of law with the Army Codexies.

However, after running out of bullets and rope to deal with these people, I was forced to concede this point 😉 So I have just finished writing the first draft of the law for Three Plains in the main rules, and here it is: Although there is more law in the rulebook, that is race-specific law, and is already within their codices. So I have not added that in this post.

So settle down and get a good cup of tea and learn the when, how and why of the Three Plains’ Universe 🙂

From the End of the Last Game and Onwards…

I Won the Game!

 First, I controlled all.

Then I knew all.

Then I was all.

And I became Nothing.

I had nothing to do.

I had nothing to learn.

I wanted for nothing.

But I desired Meaning again!

So, let the Great Game start again…

Before our time began, before our turn had even been envisioned, the last great battle of the previous game was drawing to a close. Great beings of incalculable power had been waging war against each other for countless aeons.

         This War of Gods was so immense that these beings of unbelievable power flung entire galaxies at each other!

         By this war’s end, stood only the Champion of the Last Great Game and the Contender. After countless aeons of battling, the Champion was tired and ready to relinquish its hold upon everything. While the Contender’s not as powerful as its opponent, its will was stronger, and that it would seem was enough to slay the Champion and take the title for its self.     

         Finally, out of the carnage of war, after all, others had fallen, a new Champion stepped forward, victorious and the winner of that Great Game!

         In this, the greatest of games, there can only be one winner, and this new Champion had done whatever was necessary to win the Great Game; no matter how despicable or foul the deed, it had done it! This Champion had extinguished countless races, betrayed and killed family, friends and allies, schemed, deceived and tricked, to name just a few of its crimes.

         By right, the Champion claimed the Ultimate Prize – the mastery of the sum of all things that had ever been and will ever be in existence.

         The Champion became everything, becoming existence itself. This being’s will was absolute, as there was nothing outside itself to contest it any longer.

         Soon, events in time became meaningless, great actions became dull, and all mysteries were revealed to the Champion. This Supreme Being found that the true prize of winning the Great Game was to suffer the monotony of an uneventful existence forever!

         At first, the Champion endured the never-ending tedium, rather than to do the unthinkable, and relinquish some of its great power it had won. But in doing so, would allow it to create something outside its control and introduce the Unknown, Mystery and Random Chance back into its existence once again.

         The Champion was distrustful of the unknown and things outside its power; after all, it had wiped out these elements from existence long ago. But there was no denying the excitement they provided…

         Without the measurement of time, who knows how long the Champion put up with its existence of predictable monotony. It could have been mere moments or any number of ages, but the Supreme One could not bear this state forever, as it once thought it could. 

         The Champion took a small part of his immense power and freed it from his will to create a new light in existence.

         This small part of the Champion soon formed its own conscience, which was truly independent of its parent’s will.

         The Champion, the Great Destroyer and Conqueror of all things, had now become a Creator of Life.

         This fresh little life force fascinated the Creator, as he watched it grow and develop. This innocent, playful sparkle was the first of the Creator’s three children and called Winsill. Much later, would come Fallax and lastly Noteus.

         At first, Winsill’s thirst for play, knowledge and learning was unquenchable, and the Creator and his first child joyfully basked in the experience of existence together. However, when this new life force learned all there was to know and did all there was to do, his light began to fade, until he became still and quiet, which saddened its Creator. 

         This would not do, so the Creator turned his hands to filling existence with many wonders for Winsill to reach out into and explore.

         The Creator created a grand new Game for its child; a universe with Energy, Matter, Time, all held together by the Ether and driven to live by the infinitely powerful machine, known as the Great Toil.

         As the new game started, in an instant, our universe exploded into motion. After the game’s energy and matter began to settle, it formed countless galaxies, which all swirled around in a beautiful symphony of colours and lights, which was spectacular and exciting to observe. Nevertheless, even this enormous marvel over time became predictable, and the Gods’ joy began to fade once more.

         Out of countless globes, the Gods chose a barren planet near a warm sun to play with.

         To sculpt and shepherd this new world, the Creator produced the ‘Engines of Creation’, The Titans. These ancients colossal beings are still around to this day, but few know this despite their massive size. This is because they appear to be mountains, vast forests, huge lakes or even endless mists. They are so gigantic and motionless that some of the younger races have built their homes and even cities upon or in them and do not realise what they inhabit.

         The ‘Engine of Life’, Fallax, the Greatest of all the Dragons and the Creator’s Second Son, was the King of all the Titans. From this Great Black Dragon’s countless eggs, the mighty beast seeded the world with all its original living creations; some of which still survive to this day, such as the Unicorns, Hawks and Pegasi.        

         Winsill was inspired by its parent’s creations, which filled him with joy. Winsill produced tiny sentient immortal beings to populate this new world, and he named these new creatures the El.

         The Gods allowed all life to have the power of ‘Free Will’, but by doing so, the Creator had to yet again relinquish some more of his own influence over existence.

         This great gift of self-rule over one’s own destiny means that a mortal’s mind can only be influenced or manipulated, but they can never be controlled. So, even a simple creature has the power to defy a god… if it dares too.

         On this new World life rolled on, and all was well for aeons. The El was thriving and built many great wonders for the Gods to marvel over.

         In fact, this new world was too perfect. There was no adversity for the El and the rest of life to overcome. The Creator knew there needed to be a force that had the power to create unpredictable changes in the universe. Thus the Creator brought into existence Noteus as its second child, who would be the very essence of Chaos.

          Winsill and Noteus being so different from each other immediately began to feud over how existence should be. Noteus is chaotic and random, and cares little for rules and order, while Winsill is the lawful and peaceful one of the two. Winsill felt that harmony was the only correct way to exist, while Noteus argued that only through chaos comes strength.

         The Creator, with its unending wisdom, already knew the answer to this question but did not put an end to their quarrel. Instead, the Creator became distant and refused to involve itself in their feud. It seemed that the Creator was quite content to watch them fight over this world.  

The First Dark Rising

Noteus watched in wonder and love as its older sibling, Winsill, played happily upon the Middle Plain; proudly tinkering around with its creations, the El, from way up high. Without permission, Noteus joined its sibling’s play.

         The young Noteus was rambunctious and messy and spoiled all that it touched. However, Noteus claimed it was only trying to improve upon its older sibling’s designed. Winsill countered by pointing out that you cannot improve upon perfection. Noteus the claimed there was no such thing.

         Quickly, Winisill tided away the infant God’s mess and thrust the young God out of creation in a dark place, which was cold and empty. There, Winsill imprisoned its younger sibling forever and refused to listen to the young God’s cries.

         Noteus felt sadness for the first time and anger. The young god pleaded for fairness, but its maker stayed silent and would not get involved.

         From its dark holding, Noteus watched with envious eyes as its older sibling played happily by itself upon the Middle Plain with all its wondrous toys. The young god grew to hate its older sibling and all that it had lovingly built and wanted to spoil it all and make it it’s own.

         Within its dark and cold prison, Noteus’ newly formed light could have faded and died, but it did not… Instead, it burned bright with hatred; it plotted, grew in power and carved out its own new realm within its prison and created its own servants.

         Noteus planned to eventually break free from its Lower Plain and unleash its own creations, its servants upon its older sibling’s perfect world.

         Neteus’ servants were known as the Lords of Destruction, and they were:

         Tywee – The Great Undoer, The Master of Decay and the Ravages of Time.

         Sithus – The Spreader of Disease and other Foul Things.

         Montra – The Screamer of Despair and Doom.

         Crucksimore – A Barren, Gluttonous and Endless Hole, and the Queen of Excess.

         Lusserra – The Mistress of Temptation, Lust and Pleasure.

         Drakeus – The One-Eyed Lord of Evil, with its other false Eye of Lies and Deception.

         Master Ender or Death – Who was once Noteus’ Personal Champion and is now the Master Reaper of all lost and unclaimed souls in the Veil, which is Death’s domain today.

         Neteus bestowed all the gifts of Destruction and Deterioration upon its spawn and their intern to their minions. However, Neteus kept the greatest power of chaos for itself – The power of ‘Change’, which Drakeus would grow envious of and would one day covet for its self…

         The Gods of Destruction and their foul lesser demons only purpose was to undo the harmony and order upon the Middle Plain that Winsill cherished and had worked so hard to create.

         Neteus making his first move may have just been part of the Gods’ Great Game, but the El’s suffering during this time was very real and great! The El called this the Dark Rising, and it would be the first of many to come!

         Hordes of demons sprang forth from the Lower Plains led by Neteus’ servants; and for the first time, they brought ‘Bloody Conflict’ to the Middle Plain.

         The El and their flock were all perfectly made, but they knew nothing of pain, hate, malice, war or even death, as their world were perfect and free of such blights. Few El had even seen the golden blood that ran through their veins. However, by the end of the First Dark Rising, the El would be made fully aware of what flowed through their bodies and how easy it was to shed.

         Even though the El were superior to the demons in many ways, the demons decimated Winsill’s creations. It was the chaotic beings’ vast numbers, unquenchable thirst for blood and their new ways of undoing creation that brought their first victories during this dark time.

         Tywee Brought the most powerful and devastating demons to battle against the El and slaughter them in their scores. Ripping and tearing the El apart with their black gnashing teeth and claws.

         Sithus brought vile and disgusting Demons, carrying plague, poisons and toxins and other ailments with them. Many El shrivelled up and die to the unseen powers of disease they carried with them to the Middle Plain.   

         Montra unleashed demons that howled despair, doom and terror at the El; forcing many to flee, weep and even take their own life’s to end their depression.  

         Crucksimore’s demons would promise power, gifts of precious things and sow the seeds of suspicious within the El. Soon neighbour would turn on neighbour, and for the first time, they would plot and scheme and even kill one and other over petty, meaningless things. 

         Lusserra’s Succubus demons stole many an El’s heart, and with them, their icon’s of desire would make those El do many terrible things against their brothers… unspeakable things…

         Drakeus’ aids would come at first as friends and tell ‘Lies’, which was completely alien to an El’s ear. Many an El were fooled and led to their deaths by Drakeus’ lies, deception and betrayal.

         As for the great Titans, they had already fallen into their great slumber, and would not let the ranging war around them stir them from their sleep.

         Master Ender (or Death) oversaw the invasion of the Lords of Destruction and their demons upon the Middle Plain and made sure that each God and Demon played out their role of undoing Winsill’s creation. However, Death was perhaps the first of all the Lords of the Chaos Gods to see a floor in it’s master’s grand plan of destruction.

         Yes, the El was being slaughtered in untold numbers, but their disembodied souls would linger upon the Middle Plain, as they had nowhere else to go…

         ‘Lingering Souls’ had never been a problem before, as death was a new element introduced by Neteus’ Lords of Destruction invasion upon the Middle Plain. If left, they could turn against the demons and push them back to the Lower Plains from whence they came… 

         Under Noteus’ instruction; Death and its minions turned its attention away from the war raging upon the Middle Plain to hunt down all the lingering souls.

         Despite Death’s best efforts, the souls found they could easily evade Death and its servants by moving to the other plains of existence. Most of the El’s souls fled to their creator’s (Winsill’s) domain and out of Death’s reach.

         The El’s physical body had served as an Anchor, rooting them to the Middle Plain, and now that it was gone, they found they could freely travel to any plain they wished; even the Lower Plains!

         Noteus was frilled by this discovery and the chaos it could bring. Had it not been for the war raging, Noteus would have been pleased with this arrangement. On the other hand, he could not have the El’s souls invading its Lords of Destruction’s realms. Therefore, Noteus had to act…

         Thankfully, the Creator had over-engineered the Middle Plain. There was room enough to create a lesser shadow realm or Veil around it to entrap the fleeing souls of the El. Noteus made Death this new realm’s Warden. 

The Spoils of War!

As the Lords of Destruction slaughter the El and their flock, they found the more damage, pain, trickery, fear and corruption they could inflict upon the Middle Plain, the stronger they would become.

         It wasn’t long before the Lords of Destruction began to battle each other for the remaining El upon the Middle Plain.

         However, as fat as all the Dark Lords had become, none had grown as big and as powerful as Master Death.

         As all corruptions lead to death eventually; Master Ender had been gorging itself upon all the El’s Souls that the other lords have been unwittingly sending its way. This would not do.

         The Lords of Destruction put aside their petty differences to start the second invasion of Death’s new Domain (the Veil), in a bid to steal back some of the souls that it had been hoarding for itself.    

         The Dark Rising had devastated the Middle Plain and now the Lords of Destruction were at each other’s throats. Creation was in a bloody mess, and Noteus revelled in the chaos that it had caused!

         At least now, even in the bloody mists of this total carnage, the Lords of destruction had reprioritised warring against each other rather than the El.

         The Dark Lords viewed the El and their flock much like mere timid cattle, as that is how they acted. Therefore, after they had resolved their conflict, they could return to slaughtering them later at their leisure. This gave the El a much-needed reprieve; to regroup and find a way to save their race from annihilation!

The First Hero and Warrior – Elic

The Lords of Destruction seemed unstoppable upon the Middle Plain! Everywhere they appeared, they would leave mangled, shredded corpses of the El and staining the ground yellow with their golden blood.

         The El prayed and pleaded with their creator Winsill for salvation; to strike the demons and their foul Lords of Destruction of the Middle Plain, but their God did not answer their cries for help.

         As the El’s leaders debated, who were full of despair what should be done, a new tale of an El named Elic broke. This El, when attacked, defended his homestead by picking up a mere stone and hitting a demon in the head with it, killing it. He then went on to kill the rest of the demons single handily and saved his home. This was the El’s first Hero and Warrior.

         Soon, stones turned into wooden clubs, and they, in turn, were replaced by long sharp metal claws, which the El named the Sword. The El also learned how to encase their bodies in metal to protect themselves against the demons’ sharp claws, fangs and talents.

         TheEl soon found that just one of ‘Warriors’, was worth a hundred demons on the battlefield. It was not long after this that the Lords of Destruction advance was finally halted.

         Some El Warriors came to devote their entire existence to war. The demons called these elite El fighters the ‘Immortals’, as they seemed undefeatable in battle.

         The Immortals, the Middle Plain’s finest warriors, armed with Crescent Blades and blessed magical armour could devastate entire hordes of demons with but only a hand full of their kind on the battlefield.

Fallax’s Allegiances during the First Dark Rising?

Many may ask, what did the Greatest of Titans, the Mighty Black Dragon do during the First Dark Rising, and the answer is nothing. Fallax chose to stay neutral during this time of chaos; saying: “What will be, will be…”

         However, Fallax may not have chosen a side during this dark time, but nearly all of the great black dragon’s children chose to fight with the El, after they finally learned the ways of war.

         This greatly angered Neteus, but Fallax believed that all of its children should have the right to forge their own destinies, and the Great Dragon would not sway them to fight for one side or the other.

         Enraged, Neteus fouled Fallax’s newest brood of eggs and when they hatched, out crawled dark and corrupted things. There was first of the Basilisks, Wyverns, Trolls and other foul things. However, Fallax was pleased with the first of the Drakin that hatch, a large half humanoid half dragon-like race, who were brave and honourable.

         The foul things joined Neteus’s forces of chaos, while the Drakin joined the El and fought alongside them.

         Fallax was not angered by Neteus’ betrayal, and still refused to take part in the Great War; saying: “Thanks to my sibling, my pallet just got wider, how can I turn on him for that.”   

Winsill’s Turn

The once certain victory of Neteus’ Lords of Destruction over the Middle Plain did not look so certain anymore…

         Even though the El had been decimated, they had finally found the will and means to fight back and were now throwing back demon army after army. What’s more, Neteus’ servants had fallen to infighting amongst themselves.

         Neteus’ turn was now spent, and it was time for his sibling Winsill to cast its dice.

         The El had proven themselves worthy of being saved by their Creator, Winsill. So the great God of Order created the hardy and reliable Dwarfs to aid the El in fighting back Noteus’ hordes of demons, which were still flooding up from the Lower Plains through their portals.

         Eventually, the foul hordes of Demons were defeated by the combined might of the El and the Dwarfs and driven back down to languish in their own dimensions.

         In defeat, such was Neteus’ rage, that the God of Chaos broke the unspoken rule and rose up ‘Itself’ from the Lower Plains to destroy it’s sibling’s creation. However, a single El Warrior struck at the heart of chaos itself and cast the dark god back down to the Lower Plains, from whence it came.

The Eternal and Unfixable Taint of Chaos

Despite the defeat of Neteus and its Lords of Destruction, they had forever tainted the Middle Plain with chaos, which could never be undone!

         The taint of Chaos was not apparent at first, but over the aeons, the world of the El and the Dwarfs began to change; Man, Orc, Ogre and other new animals rose up from out of the mire, and the first of the El started to die.

         Chaos’ taint had seeped into the El’s bloodline and corrupted it, warping them into the lesser creatures we all know as the Elves today. The Dwarfs were mortal creatures and had been created by Winsill to adapt to a world that was now changing. So they were largely unaffected by chaos’ blemish on the Middle Plain.

The Old Powers

With Chaos’ tint brought inevitable change to the world around the El and Dwarfs, and they as brothers in arms stood together against it all.

         Over time, new monstrous would rise out of the mire to attack the El and Dwarfs and The restless demons beneath them would boil up and test their metal in battle again and again. Through it all, however, they would hold strong together, forging what seemed an unbreakable bond!

               However, chaos, given enough time, can sever any bond, no matter how strong…

As the new races of Man, Orc and others rose up out of the mire, they viewed the El and Dwarfs as nothing less than gods. The Middle Plain’s new children called the First Ones, the Old Powers, as nothing seemed to them as ancient, strong and as wise as them.

         Man and the other new races gladly and humbly bent the knee to the Old Powers, as it was unthinkable to do otherwise, but the rebellious, wild green young children of this world did not! This was both heresy and incredibly foolish to the other races to challenge the first one’s dominion over the Middle Plain. They and they alone had stood and bested the demonic hordes of the Lords of Destruction! How could the savage Orc stand any chance against them, the Gods of this world? Surely… the impertinent green skins had doomed themselves!

         The Orcs’ uncountable numbers, robust savagery and above all, they gall, were their greatest strengths in the battle against the Old Powers.

         After many passings of bloody war, the Orc’s will to fight was finally broken by the combined might of the Old Powers. However, if nothing else, the Orcs had shown their young brothers from the mire, that the Elves and Dwarfs were not Gods and could die in battle just like any of their kind could.

         In the young races’ eyes, the Old Powers air of invincibility had gone, and there was nothing they could do to get it back.

         The Elves insisted that the Orc vandals must be purged from the Middle Plain once and for all, and with a little reluctantly, their brothers, the Dwarfs agreed.

         When the first El died of great age, the golden race finally admitted that they bloodline had been corrupted by Neteus’ foul taint. Their race was doomed to grow weaker with each new generation, being lesser than the last. This revelation, was such a shock to that El, that the first of the kind, the uncorrupted by chaos, locked themselves in great tombs, to slumber until needed. However, two El, a male and female would remain away rule over the fouled children, the fouled Elves as Emperor and Empress.

         To their Dwarf brothers, it almost seemed that the good and kind Kingdoms of the El turned into the cruel and cold Elf Imperium overnight.

         This was perhaps when Winsill’s children first started to drift apart in their thoughts and deeds… which would lead to the unthinkable Great Sundering of the Old Powers and the devastating war between them!   

         Led by a mysterious dark spirit, what was left of the savage green skins fled into the Black Lands, in a final bid to save themselves.

         The Elves and Dwarfs hastily assembled a great army to purse the last of the Orcs, and followed them, but were never heard from again…

         It was thought that if the great army of the Old Powers could not survive in those desolate lands, then the green skins surely must have perished along with them. Or… so it was thought…

               The Dwarfs were content to go back under their mountains of Karrath, but the Elves seething with anger and full of worried, believing it was only a matter of time until another race would rise up out of the mire and challenge them again; better to purge all the foul corruptions of chaos now, before they became too strong.

         The seeds of the Great Sundering had been sown, and now the brothers of Winsill would only grow apart from here onwards.

         The Golden Elf Empire set upon all the new primitive races, striking them down with fine steel and powerful magic; for the only crime of existing.

         The great Dwarf halls rang with passion and heartfelt debate of what should be done!

         The Dwarfs viewed the new races as child-like beings, who had only shown them admiration, respect and love; their relationship was much like a father and child. Yes, they had been brought about by the corruption of chaos, but they were tempered by the forces of order, and being punished for a crime of merely existing, struck the Dwarfs as wholly unfair. Furthermore, The Dwarfs loved trading and communing with the new ones, while they grew further apart from their golden brothers, who grew colder and crueller by the day.

           Finally, it was decided that the Elves’ madness must be stopped and the Old Powers for the first-ever time, warred against each other. This was such a bloody war that the brothers of Winsill would tear each other apart.

         By the end of the Great Sundering, the once great and powerful empires of the Elves and the Dwarfs lay in total ruin! Never again would they dominate the world like they had once done in their golden age.

         Now the only thing left between the brothers of Winsill is there utter and deep hatred for each other, which still persists to this day.

         From the ashes of the fallen Old Powers, would rise the newer races, who were now free to forge their own great empires; for good or ill…

The Middle Plains / The Many Today

The former names for this planet were abandoned by the new and old races alike. Instead, their shared home became known as ‘The World of Many Names’, which was eventually shortened to ‘Many’.

         Many is a vast and ancient world, covered by huge seas and oceans teeming with all manners of life and is well travelled by sail ships of war and trade. Many’s waters are broken up by her islands and continents, which have numerous different lands upon them, such as never-ending deserts, lush jungles and forests, rolling green plains and lifeless lands of ice and fire to name just a few.

         With the rise of the new races brought competition for resources and territory, which usually translates into bloody and destructive wars.

         There are the Humans of Herlanceia, who have cast off their chains of slavery and have finally banded together to forge a mighty new republic, which aggressively guards its growing interests across Many.

         The Orcs have returned from out of the Black Lands and are on the move, killing and plundering all who stand in their way.

         The Vile, a race of demons trapped in this Plain by their enchanted metal armour, are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in this world.

         The Lords of the Woods will no longer stand by and watch their great forests be pillaged, raped and destroyed by the greedy Fire Makers all around them.

         The Drackin or Children of Fallax, who was the Creator’s last son, have staked their claim in this world and are looking to expand into new territories, whatever the cost in blood.

         The Dwarfs and Elves have stopped their decline and aim to retake their dominion over this planet again, and will not hesitate to crush any who stand in their way.

         Also, the Demons from the Lower Plains may have been defeated long ago, but they still rise up in huge demon hosts from time to time to create bloody mayhem upon this world if left unchallenged.

         And even the Dead cannot rest, as they are summoned back to this world by foul and dark Necromancers and driven to make war upon the living.

         Immense armies and hordes may clash upon the battlefield to destroy one another, but often, one great individual can make all the difference in the conflict.

         These blessed beings are commonly known as Hero’s, Lords or Wizards. These great individuals stand out amongst their own kind because they are blessed with more strength, agility, intelligence or have magical powers.

         Their immense talents are marked out by their epic deeds on the battlefield, as some can slay monsters, lead entire armies to victory and defy death himself. Whatever their deeds though, they are distinct among their own kind and some believe that they have been blessed by the Gods themselves.

         Many is also a world of numerous Beasts and enormous Monsters, which roam and terrorise her lands as they please.

         Some have existed from the time of creation, such as the Great Giants, Dragons, Griffins and Sea Serpents.

         Others have risen out of the mire and can even challenge the beasts of old dominion over this world, like the Carnage, Wyverns and the Gressels. And then there are those things totally twisted by chaos into something utterly wicked and deadly, which are too hideous to describe…

         The Middle Plain is the battleground for this grand game to be played out between the divine siblings, which are full of pieces with their own free will, to be swayed to fight for one side or the other.

         So only the mortals hold the key to victory. However, this, the greatest of all contests shows no signs of coming to a close, and time may even end before this bloody game is finished, and it may not finish in the way the gods would like either…

The Higher Plains

Noteus was not the only one to create its own aids to serve its greater goal. The Great Keepers of Order, Winsill created its own pantheon of lesser Gods, called ‘The Guardians of Order’.

         Ronnic – The Champion of Discipline, Honour and Tradition, and the Great Believer of all Noble actions make all Wrongs right.

         Astrayer – The Healer of the Sick and Dying, and the Finder of all Remedies for diseases.

         Excitees – Is the Eternal Light against the darkness of Doom and Despair.

         Oe – Is the Grand Smith of Unbreakable Bones and Promises. Ever Pragmatic and always deplores wasteful Deeds and Items.

         Tatus – Who bears Witness to all Unions and is the Ever Promoter of Modesty and Restraint.

         Zereener – Keeper of the Greater Good and putting others before one’s own wellbeing.

         The Guardians of Order all have their own realms within the Higher Plains, which are places of light and harmony. However, each of these gods’ realms greatly differs from each other.

         Ronnic’s realm is a place of great adventures, trials and tests, where one’s only reward is to overcome and beat them.

         The priests of Ronnic tell us that this God is a great warrior, who holds dominion over a place of problems, conflicts and war, which is eternally and gloriously brought back to order by great thinkers and heroes.

         Then there is Zereener’s realm, a place of goodness, light and community. This is where the ‘whole’ is stronger than the individual.

         In the Goddess Zereener’s Higher Plain, friends and family, you will always have plenty. Songs you will sing and dances you will step. Joy and contentment will fill your heart, and never alone will you be; even if you wanted it to be…

The Lower Plains

Mortal, if you believe that death is the worst thing that can happen to you… then you are gravely mistaken…

         If you do not pledge your soul to one of the Keepers of Order or fail to live up to their edicts, then at the end of your life, you will pay dearly for your insolence…!

         After death, your pitiful soul could be left in the Black River to be eventually devoured by Death itself. Or you could be snatched away from the Blackwaters and dragged down to one of the other Lords of Destructions’ Lower Plains. There, your soul could be eternally tortured, consumed or enslaved and ready to do your new dark master’s bidding.

         Depending on which of Noteus’ lesser Gods fishiest you out of the Black River of Souls and casts you into their dark realm, will dictate what kind of a nightmare your soul will have to endure for the rest of time!

         Crucksimore will gleefully toss all of its victims into its huge Cauldron and see what rises to the top.

         So big is Crucksimore’s Cauldron that some believe that it makes up the foul and greedy god’s entire realm!

         Those unfortunates who find themselves languishing at the bottom of Crucksimore’s Cauldron will have to have their wits about them and get ready to fight for there survival! They will have to steal and literally eat those around them or face being devoured themselves. These wretched souls will murder for gold or much less, and from the many fallen around them, they will tear away flesh from bones and guzzle their blood. Its literal ‘Dog Eat Dog’ at the bottom of Crucksimore’s Cauldron…

         Their Gluttony should know no end if they hope to endure in Crucksimore’s realm. They should continue feeding even when their bellies are bursthing with raw bones and flesh, and keep on plundering, even if they cannot carry anymore.

         They will grow fatter, stronger and more grotesque with each victim they devour. All in the hope of rising to the top and being noticed by the master of this plain; that Crucksimore might pluck them from out of its giant cauldron and make them one of his new servants… Or the great glutton could strip them of their trinkets and snack upon their flesh instead…

         There is no room for fairness in this realm…

         Crucksimore is just one of the Lords of Destruction that inhabits the Lower Plains. The others are too wicked and grotesque to continue describing… and it is not wise to say their names out loud too often, or you might risk inviting their gaze upon you mortal…

The Great Toil

There is a place where the work never stops, there is no play, there is no fun, nor rest, there is only the work to do and it never ends, because creation never stops.

         This place, which gives the work-shy nightmares, is called the ‘Great Toil’, and it sits just underneath the Ether.

         The Ether is a magical web-like structure that covers all creation and binds it together. Only magical beings can see it and manipulate it, and without it, our existence they tell us would surely fall apart.

         The Great Toil is home to the Elementors, who drive, work and maintain creation. If you have ever wondered where the infuriating Gremlins come from, who have a passion for destroying any form of technology they can find, they all hailed from the Great Toil.

         As numinous and annoying as the Gremlins are, they are but one cog in a whole machine of countless beings who work creation. If you light a fire, it is a little Fire Sprite behind the Ether in the Great Toil who animates that fire for you. Other Elementors are so immense in size and so powerful; that they can push around the heavenly bodies, we can see in the sky at night.

         Despite the Great Toil’s importance, very little is known about its workings. No mortal, and even the Gods, as powerful as they are, can enter the Great Toil. It is believed this realm could be where the Creator presides, overseeing all existence, but this is just mere speculation…

         A group of Wizards, who call themselves the Summoners, appear to have the most knowledge about this hidden realm. This is because their magic revolves around summoning its powerful Elementor beings to do their bidding.

         To date, other than the Gremlins’ taunts and zany ramblings, no summoned Elementor has ever communicated anything meaningful to their captive. They simply do the work they were given, and when their captive’s magic is spent, they return back to their Great Toil.

The Veil

When you die, if you do not fall into the Black River, then your soul is dragged away by Death’s Shades and cast into those cold depths. This wet, chilly and dreadful shock is your first taste of Death’s realm, otherwise known as the Veil.

         As your soul tosses too and throw in the black muggy and icy cold waters, you will undoubtedly hear weeping, crying, waling and the moaning of the dammed. However, you will likely not see them, as Veil is covered in a murky, misty haze, which limits your view to just ten or so feet.

         If you do not drown, one of five things can happen to you.

         If you are lucky… or not as the case may be, depending on which God claims your soul; the virtuous and righteous will be saved and lifted up to a Higher Heavenly Plain. As for the wicked, they will be dragged kicking and screaming down to one of the hellish Lower Plains to await an even darker and grimmer fate they just escaped from…

         If your body was buried within a grave or tomb, your soul could find its way to that site, and it might be able to finally rest in peace; that is, as long as that memorial endures upon the mortal world. Once it crumbles, the cold black waters will reclaim you and wash away your soul.

         If no God will have you, and if you do not drown or are not dragged down by the dammed on your way, then the Black River’s currents will take you to Death’s Eternal Banquet, where he will have you for dinner!

         And then there are those souls who refuse to die! Their strength of character or ‘Will Power’ is so strong that they can drag themselves out of the Black River and onto the dry land within the Veil.

         These Souls will not accept death because their business upon the Mortal Plain is not yet done. Only when these restless souls wipe away that outstanding blemish upon their life, will their spirit finally rest.

         These restless souls will wander the wastes of the Veil in search for a way back, to put right the great wrong served to them in their lifetimes. And some do manage to come back, in one form or another…

         To those who say it is impossible to come back from beyond the living realm. I say to them, there was one such great soul and he was Cantyian of Mares. His will-power was so strong that he would not let death stop him. He fought his way back to the Middle Plain and took his revenge upon the living who wronged him in life. If you still don’t believe me… Then discover his tale HERE and see for yourself!  

The New Gods of Many – The Great Spirits

Perhaps one of the infant races, which rose out of the mire, should be credited with discovering the emergence of the new Gods; as it was undoubtedly them who intentionally created these deities, with their miss guided worship of these false idols and uncheck rampant emotions.

         It was the dwarfs of the Karrath Mountains who first realised that there were new and unknown divine hands at work in the world, or the ‘Great Spirits’ as they called them.

         The elves insisted that the original pantheon of Gods created by Winsill or Neteus had to be responsible for these divine marks. Or perhaps it was the Elementors from the Great Toil. Or… even the Creator itself tinkering around with existence.

         However, the dwarfs knew that the Creator did not just tinker around with creation carelessly, and had not done so for some time…

         The introduction of the ‘Gremlins’ into the Middle Plain was the last time the Creator was believed to have intervened with creation, and that was a long time ago…

         The dwarfs in their naivety had created huge sentient mental beings they called the ‘Iron Titans’. They had created these metal giants to fight their wars for them. All when well… that was until their own creations turned on their masters and this is when the first gremlins appeared. Just before the dwarfs were about to be crushed by their own living machines, hordes of little blue gremlins jumped out of portals form the Great Toil. These magical wild and savage blue skins destroyed the Iron Titan and undid the dwarfs’ creations, which saved them from their own hubris.

         Finally, with the emergence of the Orc God, the ‘Shadow Mother’, the elves could no longer refute the evidence and had to agree with the dwarfs; there had to be new unseen powerful forces at work within the world.

         Of course, the elves were still not wrong with their initial assumption… They just did not have all the facts yet…

         The Old Powers, the once-great union between the elves and dwarfs should have wiped out the orcs from existence long ago, had it not been for the emergence of their ‘Shadow Mother’. Who came to them in their hour of need and led them to the Black Lands, and to safety and away from the Old Powers, who perished in their pursuit of the green menace.

         Before this, the orcs did not care for the Gods, and the old Gods certainly did not care for them either. So where did this Shadow Mother come from and why did she choose to save the savage green skins of all the races she could have latched onto.

         No one knows and perhaps we never will… However, after the orcs’ Shadow Mother aided them, all the green skins fell to their knees and worshipped her as their only God and Saviour. Even to this day, their faith in their Goddess is unshakable, and they will pray to no other.

The Great Spirit of Fallax

Today, perhaps Fallax is the most powerful and well known of all the Great Spirits that wonder the mortal plain, in its constant search for its Black Egg, which was mysteriously stolen aeons ago by forces and reasons unknown.

         Fallax’s spirit is so ancient that it is as old as Many itself… 

         Fallax’ was the King and the greatest of all the Creator’s ‘Engines of Creation’, otherwise known as the ‘Titans’, as this titan could create life itself!

         Such was Fallax’s power that it had no equal upon the Middle Plain. After Neteus introduced death to the world, the El called Fallax the ‘Mortal God’ of the Middle Plain.

         The titans took many forms, from vast mists, mountains and even huge lakes. Fallax’s form was that of a Great Black Dragon of truly colossal size, some say nearly as big as a mountain.

         The Creator used Fallax, the Engine of Life to originally seed many with its first living creatures, some of which are still around to this day, such as the unicorns and the dragons.

         After the Titans work was done, many of them slept, but Fallax was one of those restless engines that would not settle. Fallax was enthralled and fascinated with its children it had seeded this world with.

         As great and as powerful as Fallax was, this titan was made before the coming of Neteus and the chaos and death that it brought to the world. The Middle Plain was now at war and had become a dangerous place, even for one as mighty as Fallax.

         Furthermore, Fallax wished to grow and adapt to this new world it had found itself in, but could not, as its great spirit was bound to its unfathomable powerful, but still mortal body.

         So, Fallax would birth one more egg, which would carry his new and improved body to house his great spirit within. Also, this would grand Fallax the ability to reincarnate itself upon the Middle Plain a new, which would allow the greatest of all the titans to cheat death and become immortal!

         Of course, to improve upon the Creator’s original design and build, would take Fallax many aeons of careful thought, preparation and require vast amounts of rare and precious resources and unbelievable amounts of magical energy.

         Finally, Fallax was ready and birthed its huge ‘Black Egg’ within its lair, a massive active volcano; its fiery heart would incubate the egg and keep it alive until it was needed. The egg would only hatch after Fallax’s old body had failed, and the great dragon’s spirit would enter its egg and the dragon would be reborn a new – stronger than ever!

         If the egg were to be removed from its fiery nest, it would not die. Instead, it would essentially freeze and would have to be superheated again to reanimate it and allow it to hatch.

         The unthinkable happened, and most would have thought the impossible too! For reasons unknown, some mysterious party had the gall and daring to steal Fallax’s Black Egg from under its nose, as the great black dragon’s slept deep within its volcano lair!

         To this day, who and how this deep was done, no one knows…? But what happened next is burned into the history books with a raging hot fire and bloody gruesome death, and will never be forgotten!          

         Fallax flew into an indescribable mad rage over the theft of its precious egg, which the world had not seen before and have yet to see again…!

         The mighty Black Dragon erupted out of its volcano and began its search for its Black Egg. The Great Dragon descended upon the Elf towns and cities around the furious titan lair at first.

         One after another the massive enraged beast mercilessly and without pity decimated the elf settlements by digging them up, to search for its egg. If any gold skins dared to mount a defence against the Black Dragon, they would be burnt away with fire and stomped into the earth!

         All Fallax had to do to wipe out a city was to merely land upon it, which would kill hundreds of thousands instantly!       

         If the dwarfs thought they could escape the mad titan’s wrath deep within their mountain holds, they were gravely mistaken…!

         Fallax’ fiery breath could encompass a whole city in flames; they were so hot, it could melt steel and even stone as if it was mere butter left next to a hot stove. And the great beast’s massive claws could rip through the solid stone of mountains, just as easily as they could tear up the raw earth upon the plains where the elves built their towns and cities.

         When Fallax was done searching the Elves, the Great Black Dragon turned on the dwarfs. Like rats in a whole, the great beast dug them out and blew fire into their remaining tunnels, vaporising any remaining dwarfs instantly.

         If any dwarfs survived, the heat of Fallax’s attack was such that it would melt their corridors and halls around them. This made escape impossible and encased them in stone forever! 

         Surely the good Lords of the great forests around Many would be spared, as to why would they take Fallax’s egg? But alas no, they too would suffer the Great Dragon’s fiery lash!

         The great woods and forest and their animal folk were up routed and turned to ash by the Great Titan’s unforgiving and endless search for its egg.

         The infant new races, which rose up from out of the mire, such as the humans and orcs, who knew nothing of Fallax’s egg, fared no better than the Old Powers did during the mad titan’s search for its egg.

         The green skin’s numbers were culled and what might have been great human civilisations were all burnt away by Fallax’s fire.

         Even Fallax favourite children that it had seeded Many with so long ago; such as the lesser Dragons and Drakin, all felt Fallax wrathful fire!

         Then, the world-shaking battles would begin; as one by one, Fallax awoke its fellow titans demanding to know the whereabouts of its Black Egg. When no answer came forth from its own siblings, a battle between those titans would start, which would leave entire continents in ruin.

         The world hoped that if there was another force upon the Middle Plain that could stop the mad titan’s rampage, it was another titan. The Earth and Water Titans put up an epic battle against the old Engine of Creation, now turned destroyer of all things, but even they could not stand up against Fallax’s might in the end…

         Fallax may have battered his fellow kin into submission, but even in the Black Dragon’s rage, it did not destroy them.

         In Fallax’s search for its Black Egg, it had turned the world inside out and bathed it in fire, turning it to ash, and had sent countless good souls to the Veil, way before their time.

         Despite all the destruction that Fallax had brought to the Middle Plain, the titan had not found its precious Black Egg. However, all knew that until the mad titan had it back in its possession again, it would not end its search and continue to tear apart the Middle Plain…

         Something had to be done and quickly too before the Great Dragon completely tore apart the Middle Plain and undid all its great work.

         After all the Old Power’s Emissaries had failed or been burnt to a cinder, it was now clear that the mad titan had to be slain, or watch the Middle Plain burn down around them…   

         This was not an easy conclusion to come too; Fallax was one of the Creator’s Engines of Creation, which made this great beast a holey and sacred living relic. However, at this point, the Old Powers were left with no other option, but to kill it.          

         As powerful as the dwarf’s war machines were, they had nothing that could deal a killing blow to a titan as powerful as Fallax. Although the Elves knew of a way to do it, it was risky beyond belief…!

         There is a devastatingly powerful spell within the Discipline of Destruction Magic, known as ‘Tumbling Skies’; and the elves believed that it could finally put an end to the mad titan’s rampage once and for all!

         ‘If’ cast… this spell could take a small astral body in the sky and hurl it down upon the Middle Plain, which would totally obliterate all it impacted and the immediate area around it! The comet would turn the ground into molten lava, the air into boiling hot black poisonous ash which could melt your lungs if breathed and gouge out a deep wound upon the Middle Plain.

         Tumbling Skies was the most difficult magic known to cast; even the first of the El would have trouble with such a spell. Furthermore, the comet it would bring crashing down was nearly impossible to control. Only an El Empress Linkxer had the power and skill to even attempt such a cast.

         Empress Linkxer would have to bolster her already quite significant magical abilities if she was to gain the measure of control she needed to deliver an effective strike against Fallax.

         A great and powerful magical staff had to be created, the like of which the world had not seen before and would never see again. Such was its power if it was used; there was a good chance that it could tear a hole through reality and into oblivion. The staff and its bearer would all fall in and be lost forever!

         Empress Linkxer bravely accepted the risk and the dwarfs set to work, creating the staff deep within a hidden mountain hold. 

         The staff was given the grand title of the ‘God Slayer’, as that was its only purpose. Everyone knew it was simply too dangerous to use ever again.

         The Elves knew the Great Black Dragon would pass over a mountain range to reach its next target to tear apart, which just happened to be another elf city.

         On the foot of the mountain, Empress Linkxer and her aids prepared for Fallax’s arrival. When the Great Black Dragon was sighted, Empress Linkxer was presented with the God Slayer from one of her aids, and she started to weave a spell, Tumbling Skies.

         The power of the staff was unbelievable, but Empress Linkxer just managed to control it.

         The skies began to turn a fiery red, and the air had an electric feel to it. If Fallax noticed Empress Linkxer or the spell she was weaving, is unknown, but the Great Black Dragon flew on regardless towards her and her aids.

         Much like a third sun appearing in the sky, a glowing golden light started to descend down from the heavens, as the comets hurtled towards Fallax.

         The Titan heaved its whole massive body around to look at the great fireball racing straight towards it.

         Fallax did not have time to react! In a flash of blinding light, the comet hit the great titan! There was thunderous sound of an explosion and cry of immense pain that was so loud that it roared across the world several times.

         The Great Black Dragon fell out of the sky in a mess of fire, burning flesh and black smoke and crash into the earth, which made the world shake Violently.

         Empress Linkxer and her aides had killed the Great Mad Titan and finally put an end to its search and rampage across many. However, this came at a great cost to themselves, as their worst fears were realised. The toll for using the God Slayer now had to be paid in full! It’s awesome power tore open a hole in reality to oblivion! Empress Linkxer, all her aids and the staff vanished in an instant, and they were never seen or heard of again!

         As Fallax’s body lay burning and smouldering upon the earth, the Great Dragon’s spirit rose up and left the Mortal Plain and roared into the Death’s Domain, the Veil!

         Even death could not quell the Great Black Dragon’s obsession for its egg and the fury it felt, for its loss! In fact, any being dying with some ‘Unfinished Business’ will only strengthen its presence in the Veil and the other plains…

         Master Ender was ill-prepared to deal with a spirit as strong as Fallax entering its domain…     

         As Fallax landed in the Black Waters of the Veil, it’s will was so strong that it caused a massive wave, which did untold damage to Death’s domain. However, to Fallax, the Great Black River was but a puddle to the great beast, and it merely stepped out of it. Fallax never even felt the powerful currents that had so easily dragged down countless souls before it.

         Once again, Fallax began its destructive search for its precious Black Egg, but this time, in Master Ender’s Vail.

         Death had grown fat from the countless souls the Mad Titan had been sending it for a while from its destructive search upon the Mortal Plain. However, now it was on the receiving end and soon found its realm being decimated by the Great Black Dragon’s Spirit seeking its Egg.

         Master Ender would not tolerate this beast tearing up its realm and sent armies of Harvengers to subdue the mighty beast’s spirit. Fallax simply torched the shades with fire and flashed any remaining Harvengers away like leaves in the wind.

         Faced the destruction of his realm, Death itself did battle with the fallen titan’s spirit!

         Perhaps rather naively, Death thought itself much stronger than the Fallen Titan, but it soon found itself completely outmatch in battle against the Dragon’s furious spirit.         

         Death was forced to retreat and hide from the wrath of the Black Dragon now freely rampaging around in its own realm, it was once the master of.

         In desperation, Death cried out for its brothers, the other Lords of Destruction to come to its aid. However, they had always been quite resentful of Death’s gluttonous banquet of souls, which they had been sending Death’s way for free through their work upon the Middle Plain…

         The Lords of Destruction may have had the mortals’ worship and emotions to feed on, but all Death had to do was wait for them to die and fall into its realm and freely devour them.

         So… Death’s aid did not come… as the other Lords of Destruction were quite content to see the Veil savaged by the Great Dragon.

         However, once the Fallen Titan was done tearing apart Death’s realm and found nothing, the Great Spirit only became more enraged! Without warning, the Dragon invaded another Lord of Destruction’s realm; as who was going to stop the Great Dragon now!?! The Gatekeeper of the Veil had been defeated and was glad of the reprieve…

         Suddenly, the Lords of Destruction’s fun stopped, as they realised that the Great Dragon’s Spirit could invade anyone of them next. They had gone from jolly spectators to unwilling participants of the Fallen Titan’s mad search for its egg.

         Fallax roared and smashed into the Lord of Lies and Master of Deceit’s realm. Drakeus would be the next dark lord to face the Fallen Titan’s wrath.

         The fork-tongued Drakeus attempted to communicate with the Fallen Titan that it did not have its Black Egg, but Fallax knew better than to believe the Lord of Lies and Deceit. 

         Lord Drakeus had seen the crushing defeat that Fallax had dealt out to Master Death when that Lord faced the Fallen Titan in battle, who was then the most powerful Lord of Destruction. The Lord of Evil was not keen on repeating that mistake… Drakeus wisely stepped aside and let the Great Dragon begin its rampage across the Lord’s Realm and waited for reinforcements to come before engaging the fallen Titan.

         For the first time in aeons, the Lords of Destruction stood united in battle against a common foe, and still the Great Spirit bested them all!

         As powerful as all the Lords of Destruction were, they were just fragments of their creations, Neteus’ will.

         Faced with the total annihilation of their realm and perhaps themselves, the Lords of Destruction had no choice but to break the unspoken rule of asking for help from their creator Neteus…

         However, the great God of Chaos revelled in its creations destruction and was quite happy to let the Fallen Titan allow its rampage across the Lords of Destruction’s realms. So no help came and the Lords of Destruction’s realm one by one were decimated by the Great Dragon’s enraged spirit. This was until things began to change upon the Middle Plain… for the better…

         The presence of chaos on the Mortal Plain greatly weakened while the Great Dragon’s spirit freely rampaged through the Lower Plains. 

         The mortals were living longer, diseases were becoming less harmful, and they became more content with their lot in life…!

         Without the Lords of Destruction’s insidious influence upon the Middle plain, Winsill’s order was unchallenged and reasserting itself. As a consequence, life upon the Middle Plain was dramatically improving and Neteus’ Blemish was weakening. This would not do! Moreover, Neteus knew it was only a matter of time before its sibling, Fallax would turn on it…

         With the combined might of all the Lords of Destruction and their master, the God of Chaos itself, they finally put an end to Fallax’s rampage through the Lower Plains.

         It was such a battle between the Gods that its chaos shook the valleys and hills of the Mortal Plain and vast numbers of demons lay slaughtered. Lusserra and Montra, two Lords of Destruction were slain and had to be recreated by Neteus later. And the Great God of Chaos itself did not come away from the clash unscathed!

         However, Fallax was clearly defeated and badly hurt. The Fallen Titan’s spirit had to retreat back to the Veil, where all but one of the remaining Lords of Destruction chased the spirit out of Death’s realm and banished it back to the Mortal Plain. Drakeus chose to remain by its wounded master’s side to aid Netus…

         Because of the destruction that Fallax had inflicted upon the Middle Plain when it was alive, only one of its children was happy to see their Fallen Titans return to the mortal world.

         Amongst all Fallax’s creations, only the Drakin, even with or because of their tint of chaos, still remembered their maker fondly and still worshipped their Great Black Dragon Creator.

         The Great Spirit would slowly start to recover its strength through the Drakin’s worship of their Fallen Titan. In return, Fallax started to whisper to the Drakin and let its children to greatness. For the two were forever tied together now, and if one prospered, then so would the other.

         Today, the Drakin with their God, Fallax grows ever stronger, and through the Fallen Titan’s devoted children, the Great Spirit continues its search for its precious Black Egg.

         Woe betides anybody who is found to harbour the Black Egg, as Fallax’s blessed scaly children will come for their maker’s divine property and smite all that stand in their way!       

The Great Betrayal!

After the battle with the Fallen Titan, Fallax, even though the God of Chaos, Neteus was victories, it was greatly weekend from the fight.

         As Fallax fled, Neteus ordered it’s surviving Lords of Destruction to chase the Great Black Dragon out of the Lower Plains, but not to destroy it if possible. Even in its weakened state, the Fallen Titan could still wreak havoc and plenty of destruction onto the other plains.

         The Lords of Destruction did their Master’s bidding. However, in their haste, they did not notice that Lord Drakeus did not accompany them in their pursuit of the Great Dragon. Instead, Drakeus returned to its weakened Master, claiming to be concerned and wanting to aid its Maker back to health…

         However, Neteus knew Drakeus’ true intention; as it understood well its servant’s true devious and wicked nature, as that is how it made its aid. So the God of Chaos and Overlord of all the Lower Plains, readied itself for another attack.

         During the previous battle with the Fallen Titan (which had only just ended), Drakeus and its hordes had purposely held back their force against the rampaging Black Dragon. Instead, Drakeus had allowed its Master and the other Lords of Destruction to commit fully to the conflict. Consequently, Drakeus, the Lord of Evil and its army of vile minions were nearly at full strength, while it’s Master, the God of Chaos, Neteus and its army had been profoundly weakened.

         Master and Servant clashed and fought over who would rule all the Lower Plains.

         Even though the Lord of Lies and Deceit fought with all of its might, Drakeus terribly miss calculated it’s Master’s strength; even when wounded, the God of Chaos easily still bested its Traitorous servant in battle.

         As punishment for Drakeus’ betrayal, its master inflicted unlimited pain upon its servant, which only a God could endure and even comprehend, and then destroyed the Lord of Evil. After which, Neteus re-created its servant and again destroyed it in the same manner, and repeated this again and again and again. With each resurrection, inflicting even more pain upon its treacherous servant, before destroying it once more!

         Drakeus begged its master not to be re-created again, but Neteus ignored its treacherous servant’s request and continued its fallen aid’s punishment… and who knows how long this lasted for, as time itself moves rather oddly outside the Mortal Plain…

         Finally, Drakeus was re-created again, stripped of its covenanted title of a Lord of Destruction and realm, and all of its one-eyed minions were destroyed. The fallen Lord was replaced by Syphid, a new dark god who was growing in power and had quite impressed the great God of Chaos.

         Drakeus, power and pride, was now a shadow of its former glory, was flung by Neteus down to the Bottom Brim. This is a place where reality ends and oblivion begins and is fitting the fallen servant’s new status.

         Even the Gods fear the Top and Bottom Brims of reality, as they only lead to oblivion, total nothingness. Within this realm (if you can call it) that, One misstep and you can be lost forever! It did not matter if you were a lost soul, wondering Great Spirit or even a banished God, if you fell into oblivion, then you would be no more!

         It is said, as Neteus picked up its conniving servant and flung it out of its employ, and banished it to the Brim, Drakeus reached up to the Mortal Plain in desperation to hold on. This left an impression upon the Middle Plain, known as the Five Peeks of Drakeus or the Mark of Evil today. And serves as a stark reminder to all the Lords of Destruction, to never forget their place as Drakeus once did…

         As long as evil lurks in men’s hearts, it’s Master, Drakeus can never truly die…

         Alone and nearly powerless, the treacherous fallen servant with its sharp claws clung on to the edge of an abyss. Slowly, bitterly and with much malice, Drakeus healed its wounds. At least out here, Drakeus was free from any more of its master’s retribution.

         Neteus may have believed that banishing Drakeus to the Brim was a fate worse than death. Except, what the God of Chaos had really done, was to put it’s most devious creation outside its control…  and this could prove to be a terrible mistake…!

          The Brim was a tough and terrible place to exist, but Drakeus mastered this realm and made it it’s own. In the end, its harsh conditions only hardened Drakeus’ spirit and resolve. The fallen God of Evil rebuilt up its demonic forces and quietly plotted its revenge upon its old Master.

         Drakeus would NEVER forget it’s master’s humiliating treatment and the excruciating pain it had inflicted upon it! Evil would have its ‘Grand Revenge’ upon Chaos and rule over the Lower Plains in its stead.                  

The Piper of the Merry Dance of the Lazy and the Feckless

Crucksimore showed mortals the delicious glories of greed, but the Great Demon Lord would not share its treasures with them… So as one can imagine, many of the mortals would dream of having levels of wealth, which would be well beyond their reach…

         Crucksimore had stirred its great Cauldron and created a void of emotions that the great Glutton would not serve, but this void still had to be filled…

         Across the mortal world, a simple, kind and jolly spirit would appear to the poor and needy. This smiling apparition would offer free advice to lead them out of their poverty and hunger. Other times, the helpful spirit would lead them to hidden treasures and riches.

         No one knows where this new jolly and helpful entity came from, not even the Gods, but the spirit would always reveal its name, which was Syphid, the Granter of Wishes.

         Soon, word spread of this rather helpful spirit upon the mortals’ lips. And as expected, more and more would pray and wish that Syphid would appear and grant their wishes.

         Syphid drew strength from its followers prays and became a powerful Great Spirit upon the Mortal Plain. Yet, Syphid still went by largely unnoticed by the greater Gods.

         Syphid soon found that the greater the wish granted, the more likely it was to lead to the eventual ruin of the wisher. Even when Syphid warned the wisher of the Perils of having everything they ever wanted, they would demand their wish and then have the gall to blame him when they ended up far worse off than before. 

         Syphid grew to resent his wishers but had become intoxicated by the power he drew from their worship of him.

         Granting wishes was a tiresome and time-consuming affair for Syphid, and once a wish was granted, Syphid would lose that worshiper. The Great Spirit found it was far better and easier to grant his followers’ wishes and leave them wanting in another way. In other words; to trick them.

         Syphid realised if he could encourage the mortals to become feckless and corrupt, he could draw more power from them, as that would eventually lead to their ruin and they would turn to him.

         Thus, the Great Spirit encouraged its follows and others to become more idle, lazy and corrupt. Syphid would whisper: ‘have the day off, just say you were sick again…’  or  ‘why not just skim a little off the top for themselves, after all you deserve it…’

         Overtime, Syphid became more and more malevolent, and his whispers and promises would end up tearing down men and great civilisations alike.

         Eventually, Syphid’s great work caught the eye of the God of Chaos, Neteus, who was quite impressed with this new form of Destruction. As luck would have it, Neteus had just banished of one of its Lords, Drakeus to the Brim. So, Neteus offered the Great Spirit, Drakeus’ old Plain to rule over, as its Seventh Lord of Destruction – Master of Corruption and the Piper of the Merry Dance of the Lazy and the Feckless.

         And so it was, that the Great Spirit, Syphid ascended (or descended) to become a Lord of Destruction.       

Anex, The Frozen Nightmare!

We are often the authors of our own destruction, and the Gods are not exempt from this rule…

         There was once a simple mortal of the name of Anex, who because of life’s brutality and the Gods’ never-ending cruel game, suffered unbelievable pain and misery over his short lifetime.

         Upon his death, Anex swore to end the Gods cruel game, by destroying everything, even if his enraged soul had to fight his way through all the plains to do so, he would!

         Anex may have died, but his pain and hate endured. His story is too long to tell… but again and again he would rise back from the dead and be set on destroying everything he encountered!

         Each time he came back, the shade would be stronger and bring more destruction upon the Mortal Plain with his Golden Legions at his side.

         Eventually, a hero of the name of Arfarkle the Master Wizard of Mockwater would finally put a hold on Anex and his Golden Legions march of terror and devastation upon the Mortal Plain.

         Arfarkle had a plan; to save themselves, the dwindling race of the El use their Time Volts to actually freeze them in time, only to be awakened when needed, by their tinted children, the Elves. Even to this day, vast number of El are hidden away, deep within the earth, slumbering.

         Arfarkle knew of such an abandon El Time Volt, under a now inhabited Human city of Pausven.

         There was a so-called Immortal King ruling over the city, and he had discovered the Time Volt and was using it to extend his life significantly.

         Arfarkle’s plan was simple; he would lure Anex to Pausven and into its El Time Volt and freeze him there for all time. However, the Wizard would be frozen in time along with that monster. Yet, Arfarkle considered this to be a small price to pay for saving the Middle Plain from Anex’ devastation.

         The city was destroyed, but Arfarkle’s plan worked, he and Anex was frozen in time forever… Or so everyone at first thought…

         After ten thousand passings, it was noticed that Anex had moved, but only slightly…! It would appear that the El Time Volts did not freeze time after all, but rather slow it down greatly. Or, perhaps… Anex’s will is so strong that not even stopping time can hold him forever…

         Whatever the case may be, it is clear now that it is only a matter of time before the frozen nightmare of Anex breaks free and continues his endless quest of trying to undo existence itself..!

         Only a matter of time…

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