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    Hi – I’m just putting together my micro card TP Orc forces – pics to come – and have been “playing about” with the rules. A handful of questions so far…
    (1) Damage – some profiles have just numbers/ranges (e.g. ‘1’ , ‘1-2’ ) which are straightforward, but some have the letter D included (e.g. ‘1D’ , ‘1-2D’ ). What does this mean?
    (2) Imagine I charge a loose formation with a properly regimented formation. Now, my understanding is that the regiment hits the nearest loose formation element and stops, so this charge only involves that loose formation element and those charging elements in contact with it in the usual way. Assuming neither formation breaks, the next turn the loose formation must close up and wheel (if necessary) into the regiment, initiating another round of combat but not getting any charge bonuses. Am I right?
    (3) On the profiles, if a stat is given and a note underneath it details a modifier, has that modifier already been applied to the stat? e.g. if movement is given as 13 but the note underneath says ‘-1 for heavy armour’, is the movement allowance 12 or 13?
    (4) I like narrative-driven games, so a few fluff questions – how long is a “high moon”, does Many have seasons, is there an Earth=like day/night sequence, what does the sky look like – is Many part of a binary system, does it have several moons, is there an equivalent to the Milky Way, do any neighbouring planets dominate the sky, does Many have rings, is Many itself the moon of a gas giant…
    Thanks for all your work and will be posting pics before too long, once I know what I’m doing with the rules and forces and have a decent micro battle set up.


    No probs 🙂

    Q1. Check out page 36 and page 77 where damage is explained. D just stands for ‘Damage Range’ and is how Three Plains’ deals with multiple wounds.

    Now, all attacks are presumed to do 1 damage, but some have a damage range, such as an attack with a Great Hammer for instance, which adds +1D, giving most models a damage range of 1 to 2.

    So, let’s say you have a guy with a Toughness 3. To wound him, you will need to roll over his toughness save, rolling a 4, 5 & 6 on a D6. But if the attacking model has a damage range of 1 to 2, he could do up to 2 wounds or Live Points in damage instead. This is worked out by every point the attacking model can roll over the target’s save. So the score of a 4 would do 1 LP of damage , the score of a 5 would do 2 LPs and a 6 would max out the damage rating, which is still 2 LPs of damage, as it cannot go any further over its range of 2.

    Q2. Check out pages 29 to 30. However, I have made a mistake in Diagram 15 Example C, where it should say Second Round of Combat. Thanks for making me notice that.

    Otherwise you are right. Btw, if there are any little gaps where models should hit each other in combat, those models should hit each other. Perhaps I should add a little note in there….

    Q3. 12 is the answer there, and I bet you might be looking at the Grand Riders. If a model is wearing +2 armour, always take away -1 movement. For instance, the Orc Saws have a movement of 7, but they wear +2 armour, so really they go 6 inches instead. However, as you have noticed, sometimes I add a little note in to a model’s stats, to make it easier for the player.

    Q4. Gosh… There’s a lot here…

    A High Moon is roughly 6 months

    Does Many have seasons: Yes

    Is Many an Earth=like day/night sequence: Yes, but a little bigger than Earth

    What does the sky look like: It would really depend where you are… This world is awash with magic. For instance, the lands of the Vampire clans are called Evernight. A place of eternal murk, darkness and strange mists that block out the sun.

    Is Many part of a binary system, etc: Yes. Many itself has one Moon and Ring. Many’s moon is usually referred to as Master of the Silver Ring and one day in its cycle it bobs just above its ring and this day is called the High Moon, and has become marker for a period of time for the mortals of Many.

    Many is the seed of creation, and has the only life found in the universe. However, it is surrounded by other planets, has two Suns and sits in a vast galaxy surround by other galaxies.

    The Creator loves watching creation and intelligent life, but he knows he is playing with fire, as if it gets out of hand, one day it could replace him… So he keeps life limited to just one planet.

    I could go on… but I have to go and do some work now 🙁

    I really look forward to seeing your pics of the game when they are ready.

    If you have any more questions, just let me know.


    Hi Dave – thanks for that, great help!



    No worries,

    On the side, when I get time… I write a lot of short stories and I have just finished my first novella I intend to sell on Amazon Kindle . Its based around the law of Three Plains and I am going allow my Patrons access to it for free. When its ready I’ll give you a buzz if you are interested?


    Definitely – I enjoy the creative element of fantasy wargaming and was thinking of changing my online name to Fluffer, but She Who Knows Best pointed out that ‘Fluffer’ has, um, unfortunate connotations.
    BTW I’m a maths tutor but a large part of my work is correcting English – so if you want someone to proof-read anything, let me know, although I can’t promise to be quick. Also: I’m an Apostrophe Nazi.


    What about ‘Knower of Fluff’ or ‘ The Expert of Insignificance’?

    Thanks, and be warned I might just take you up on that. As an extra pair of eyes is always good to have.

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