Reply To: House Fray’s Gifts from the Blood King?


Wow that blood dragon in a units flank would be a death sentence

Of course the points could change at a later date but as it stands you could make an elite unit eater which could happily munch elves for 560pts
If you take a lord with this abilities

Martial Prowess at +30pts
The Vampire gains +1 attack.

Weapons Master +50pts
The Vampire gains +2 to their combat rating and does -2 to an enemy’s save.

Fatal Blows at +80pts
The Vampire with this blessing strikes out ‘Fatal Blows’ against all characters, infantry and cavalry models with base’s sized 30x30mm or less and skirmished models with a base 40x40mm or less.

Vampire Lords only.

Give them a manticore you have someone with 4 attacks with fatal blows doing -6 to a save (4 T 2 A) and a manticore with 8 attacks shredding weaker units.
It’s expensive but you could chuck him some defense boosting magic items as his offense is very strong

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  • This reply was modified 5 years ago by Thomas.