Reply To: House Fray’s Gifts from the Blood King?


I have created the blessings for House Fray. Please feel free to comment on them and suggest changes if you want.

Martial Prowess at +30pts
The Vampire gains +1 attack.

Nerves of Steel at +30pts
The Vampire gains +1 soldiering.

Battle Hardened at +40pts
The Vampire gains +2 resistance.

Weapons Master +50pts
The Vampire gains +2 to their combat rating and does -2 to an enemy’s save.

Steel Breaker at +60pts.
The Vampire attacks do a further -2 to enemy’s toughness save and +2 damage.

Vampire Counts and Lords only.

Fatal Blows at +80pts
The Vampire with this blessing strikes out ‘Fatal Blows’ against all characters, infantry and cavalry models with base’s sized 30x30mm or less and skirmished models with a base 40x40mm or less.

Vampire Lords only.

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