Reply To: The 'Law' of the Great Houses of Evernight – The Vampires


Cheers, and yeah, its a funny carry on in Dreamland. Imagine dreaming of going to war, but you know you never did… or at least that’s what you think anyway… Or you’re happy, but you have no reason to be, as your life is pretty terrible, being a peasant and all. Also, you would have memories of shadowy figures, but never remember their faces or names. There would be certain things you would know never to talk about, but never know why… And the crazy person in the village would be the only one who figured it out, and then one day he just disappears and despite his antics, no one remembers him…

Really Evernight, is a little mini world of its own, and yes, each House is going to play quite differently to each other.

The Houses would go to war with each other, but would stop short of wiping each other out. This is so to maintain the balance of power, and to ensure that the Blood King’s Teeth are never reunited. Perhaps they would have to be a council of all the Tooth Holders that come together to discuss matters concerning all Evernight.