Darkgunman-3 it looks like your still evolving with your helm it eh 🙂

Anyway, yes your right. The back story I have in my head is based around a character called the Blood King, who was the first vampire. He was so powerful that his bite would kill you outright. However, the Blood King was defeated, and they tried to destroy his body but they could not destroy his teeth, the source of his power. So they divided them up across the lands so he could not return.

They were entrusted to great and powerful families for safe keeping. However, over time the teeth of the Blood King corrupted the heads of each of the families and now they fight each other over the teeth.

If the teeth are every united again, then the Blood King could return.

the teeth themselves each hold a differe power of the blood king, and that is why each house focuses on different skills, such as magic, combat or speed etc. This would mean that their blood drawing fangs would being different places. So for instance, one family could have their fangs upon their front teeth instead of their canines.

“is life breaker rule similar to drain touch or drain life ability?” (Darkgunman-3)

Yes, and here is the rule out of the rulebook.

Life Breakers
Some of the most vile, demonic and unanimated warriors that leak into and tint the Middle Plain are so blackened with evil and chaos that they stand out from the rest of their kind for being the most twisted and terrible of all. These, the most Unholy of Warriors are so dreadful that their natural enemies upon this plain, the living can have a fatal reaction to them merely by touching these utterly evil things. Such is the wickedness and anarchy in these beings’ attacks, that the living can be overcome by their insidious darkness, which will kill them instantly. This makes these Unholy Warriors particularly deadly to all living that chooses to stand against them in battle.

When a model marked as a ‘Life Breaker’ rolls a 6 to hit a ‘living’ model in combat, that target automatically suffers 1 life point in damage. This damage cannot be saved. Once this automatic damage has been worked out, the roll of a 6 still needs to be rolled out as normal in combat. For instance, rolling to overcome a model’s save, damage range, etc.

Note: A Life Breaker’s attacks have no special effect against ‘Undead’, ‘Demonic’ or ‘War Machine’ pieces as they are not alive.