Thought I’d try and think of the 19th spell
Harbinger of death. Cost 7
Even though death is an omniscient Demon who knows the exact moment a mortal dies he rarely does any reaping himself.
Usually it is left to one of his many Harbingers, powerful demons designed solely for the purpose of finishing off a living creature, they are send out and strike just as a person’s soul leaves the body at the which point they quickly overpower the soul (most of the time) and take them away.
Though a canny Necromancers knows how to fool one of these demons and can turn them on those who’s time hasn’t quite come…

This spell may be cast anywhere within 8 inchs of the awareness ranges of the spells caster.
Once successfully cast place down a harbinger model (base size 30×30) with the stats written below. The harbinger immediately charges the nearest enemy model following the normal charge rules and close combat rules as stated on pages **&** of the three plains rule book.

8–5–1to3–5 Magic–5

Special rules
Fear 1, ethereal attacks, undead, life breaker
Reaping scythe
In combat count each attack as 3 (up at maximum of the number of models in the enemy unit)
This spell lasts until the start of your best turn.

So potentially or has 15 attacks but in a 1v1 it only has 5 and as it’s ethereal it’s not a character killer (double magic)
I’m unsure for the cost though

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