I had an idea for spell. But it might be hard to implement/OP depending on the situation

Last rites
Cost 5
Necromancy is famous for allowing you to resurrect the dead, but the true power gained is controlling them to do your bidding. They can follow simple tasks fine, but require more advanced manaquill to perform tactical maneuovers.
Though this and with proper planning an undead army is unpredictable and has a plan for whatever the living may through at them.
Many generals have had their morale broken when a “dumb” undead army foils their greatest strategy.

Once successfully cast pick an undead piece anywhere on the table top.
That piece may do one of the following; make an additional move, shoot their ranged weapon or have an additional round of combat (your enemy may not fight back).
Afterwards place an exhaustion counter on the piece.

It could be broken and I’m happy with a rewrite, I just thought it would be cool to represent his control over the undead.