Idea for a magic spell for necromancy

“Shroud of spirits”
Cost 3
“The Necromancers targets the ground and rips from it the souls who have been laid to rest, those who died of age or in battle are forced to return to the mortal realm once more howling throughout the painful ordeal.
Though this causes no physical harm to enemies it serves as a distraction and shakes their morale at the sight of the endless wall of wailing spirits begging to return from whence they came.”
This spell has a range of up to 24 inchs and can be cast within the casters awareness ranges.
Once cast place a piece of rough ground down to represent the souls. Enemies pieces suffer a movement penalty as normal for moving through it and if they try to shoot over it they also suffer a -1 penalty. Additionally enemies within 6inchs suffer +1 fear.

A strong and unique utility spell hopefully you like it