The Blue Orc Nutters have been Finished!

Hi once again,

Good news, the Blue Orc Nutters have been finished and can be downloaded underneath. Only available for Patrons at the moment, sorry.


You find the new models on this page:

Btw, the models are in six different colours and come in two different scales, 15mm and 35mm.

The Mains Rules Update

In other news, I’ve finished the first read-through of the rules and well into the second. At the moment I’m about halfway through rewriting the lore of the Three Plains universe.

Underneath, is the entire universe of the game, which I created to help me write its lore. It’s nowhere near finished yet, but it does give you a good idea how it all works:

The Winner of the Last Poll

As you can see, it was a draw between the Skeleton Horse Riders and updating the Orcs. As this is a draw, I get to choose between the two winners, and I’m going to go with updating the Orc main infantry model.

Redoing that model will mean updating about 80% of the Orc’s figures in one go, as they are an infantry based army. So this will be a huge update for their model roster.

I’m going to cheat a little and use that new Blue Orc Nutters as a starting point, and squish them down to sized and put one figure on a base 20x20mm, instead of having two Orcs on a base that size, which is the standard now.

However, as mentioned in my previous posts, before starting the Orc update, I will be remodelling the Elf Sorceress Model as you can see underneath.

This mini-project should keep me out of mischief for a while.

The Outcasts

Well, there’s been a change of plan for the undead, as we have decided to stop working on the Vampire Lords of Evernight, and switch to a more traditional undead faction, a bit like the old undead for Fantasy Warhammer, which we are calling the ‘Outcasts’.

The reason for this is simple; I just bit off a little bit more than I could chew with that faction, as it’s not one, but six. I did play around with the idea to work on just one of the Evernight Vampire Families but save for House Lueking, none of the others is what you could strickly call an undead faction. For instance, house Fray fields living warriors, apart from their vampires, of course.

So I took what I had done so far and streamed it down to the Outcasts, which is a true Necromancer focused codex, with all the typical undead you could want to use in battle, with some new ideas in there to boot.

As for writing the new Outcast’s Codex, all is well, and we have a fully working draft. When this current lockdown is over, we’ll start game testing it properly.

As this post is really about the new Blue Orc Nutter’s release, I will talk a bit more about the Outcasts next time; such as, what undead gaming pieces they will include and how they will play.

Anyway, I think that is enough for today.

As always thanks for popping by


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