Epicwargaming.com’s Back

It started with the Death of Gordon…

He was… or it was my Server with my Hosting for Empicwargaming.com, and unbelievably the back up also failed as well… What are the chances eh??? but these things happen sadly. So the entire site has gone and is somewhere floating around in oblivion most likely!

This means I will have to rebuild the entire thing from scratch, which I’m hoping to start today. However, this will take some time to do… On the bright side, all the rules and model are backed up and this will give me a chance to streamline the site too.

So if your looking for the site, the rules or models, you will just have to wait until things are back up and running again. And even then I will just have to upload bits at a time.

However, at least the bare bones of the WordPress Site is up now!

Take care


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