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1st Discipline of Necromancy “Reanimate the Dead”

Ether 1
If a Necromancer cannot reanimate the dead, then they are not a Necromancer…

All Necromancers must take the First Discipline of Necromancy, ‘Reanimate the Dead’ into battle. They cannot swap or trade this spell.

If the Necromancer loses this spell for any reason, they cannot cast any their other magic until they regain this spell.

This spell has a ‘starting base’ range of 8 inches and can only be cast within the Necromancer’s awareness ranges. Furthermore, this spell can only be cast upon existing gaming pieces of Undead, such as Skeletons and Vampires.

The caster can reanimate more dead by making the spell more difficult to cast, by adding 1 or more ether dice to its dispelling roll. On a successful cast, each ether die added will allow the Necromancer to generate +1D6 worth of ‘Will Points’. After which, the Necromancer can spend their WPs on rising up undead and restoring their LP damage. Each Undead Model has a cost in WPs in their stats that indicate its cost in reanimating models or restoring lost LP. E.g. the Necromancer rolls 3D6 Will Dice and scores 12 WPs, which would reanimate 6 Skeleton warriors at a cost of 2 will points each. Excess unspent WPs are lost. They cannot be saved or carried over to the next cast to this spell.

The caster may even extend the range of the spell by adding another Ether Die to its dispelling roll, which will further its range by +8 inches.

Undead gaming pieces can only have their lost models and LPs ‘restored’. This spell cannot grant more LPs or models than a gaming piece had at the start of the game.

The caster may recast this spell at a cost of trading in another one of their spells to do so.

2nd Discipline of Necromancy ‘The Dark Blessing at Death’s Door

Ether 1
Down in the vile workshop of a Necromancer, their cruelty has little limits, as they always prefer to vivisect life subjects in the pursuit of furthering their dark art…

To stop their victims from dyeing from the wounds and excruciating pain the Necromancer inflicts upon their subjects, they have mastered the art of quickly enchanting their equipments to reanimate a subject just after they have died!

The horror this heinous crime against life brings to the battlefield is unbelievable…. Warriors will watch in terror as they forma comrades will rise again, only to strike them down.

This spell can be cast upon any friendly undead gaming piece within 10 inches of the caster and within their awareness ranges. The spell’s affects will last for one full turn and end at the beginning of the caster’s next turn.

Every enemy model that the effected undead piece slays in combat is immediately turned into a skeleton warrior and will be added to that piece.

3rd Discipline of Necromancy ‘The Black Goblet’

Ether 2
When one dies, their soul will be plunged into the Black Ocean of Lost Souls, where they will be claimed by their god they worshiped in life.

Those unclaimed will be carried away to Death’s Banquette were he and his minions will nor on their souls for eternity. There are those who have the will power will to escape the pull of the black waters, but that is a story for another time.

Necromancers know of the Black Ocean and have found its waters to be more of a soup of pain, hate, despair and memories, as the water seems to soak up part of or all of its victim’s essence.

Through a magical incantation Necromancers can partly enter the Veil and draw its black waters for just a sip. This grants them great incite and enhance mental abilities, as they have just swallowed the combine knowledge and experience of countless souls of ages past! However, this affect is only temporary as no one living (or even dead) vassal can possible hold so much knowledge and wisdom for long.

When successfully cast this spell grants the controlling player of the Necromancer D6 rerolls. These special rerolls can be used with any die cast by the player up and until the start of their next turn. Any unspent rerolls are lost.

4th Discipline of Necromancy ‘Death’s Kiss’

Ether 3
The Necromancer focuses their dark magical energy and releases it as a burst that flows over the ranks of the enemy. Once breathed in they drop like flies at the feet of the wizard as there life is drained from their bodies. The fallen souls are then used to further fuel the Necromancers cause and summon more dead to fight by their side.

Once successfully cast place the Flame Template within the primary awareness ranges of the wizard and in base contact.

Any enemy models under the template is hit and will suffer a -2 agility and -1 toughness to their save.

For every 3 models killed the caster gains 1D6 Will Points. These WPs must spend immediately and in accordance of the rules for casting ‘Reanimate the Dead’. With one exception, these WPs can be used to created new undead models.
This spell has no effect on undead models.